Dubbing mix tapes from vinyl via sprout 100

I am interested in getting a cassette deck to dub tapes from my vinyl collection so I can listen to music in my vintage Land Rover. Can the sprout 100 handle this job? What do I need in terms of cables and connection. Thanks!

Easy peasy. Plug your Turntable into the Sprout, your tape deck into the preamp/line out of the Sprout, and plug in a pair of headphones into either your Sprout and your tape deck and your all set.

Have you considered digitizing them to your phone and using an FM transceiver?
Or if your phone has a normal phones socket

Or you could use your phone’s blue tooth with something like this

These are all much more modern and will certainly work well. I remember in HS, my car only had a cassette player. I used one of those 3.5mm to cassette tape doodads and it worked quite well. Weird thing though is it never worked in the winter when the car was too cold. :man_shrugging:

To answer OP’s question, sure, the Sprout100 can work. Essentially all you need is a phono pre. Like Rajugsw mentioned above, you’d plug the TT into the Sprout’s phono input, then plug the outputs into the tape recorder. It might take some testing with the volume knob to find the right leveling.


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I just roll with AM radio, unfortunately! :joy:

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Freezing temps and condensation will always be issues in the world of cassette tapes.

You’re right, I sent the conversation off on a tangent.