Easy way to switch Sprout from 110v to 220v?

I move pretty frequently between 110v and 220v countries, and after having to sell full-size speakers at fire-sale prices more than once and destroying an amp in another move, I’m a huge fan of smaller-is-better. The Sprout looks perfect for my needs but the power supply isn’t universal! Transformers aren’t a solution, decent ones weigh as much as a cinderblock and I’m always worried that something will go up in flames.

Has anyone come up with a better solution to move between countries with the Sprout, or taken a look under the hood to see if the power supply is internally switchable?

Thanks …

It is internally switchable with the moving of a jumper. We don’t recommend this because it’s really hard to get inside and there’s a good chance for damage unless you’re skilled.

Thanks Paul! Glad to see the commitment from the top!