Help! Damaged Sprout!

Hi, i’m a young designer from Barcelona. Since the kickstarter campaign, I always wanted a Ps Sprout.
After a year saving money, i finally got mine at home.

I thought I ordered an european 220v version of Sprout, because it shipped from Belgium, but I didn’t check it, everything looked so simple and nice, I followed the first pages of the instructions manual, i connected in all the inputs and plugged it in, my home lights wiggled and it smelled strange, sprout never turned on.

I’m not really into electronics, but I can tell there is probably something burned.

Is it totally useless? I’m freaking out right now. One year savings thrown to the garbage…?cry

Welcome to the forum. We all love getting new audio gear so we understand your feelings when something like this happens!

Aren’t the electric plugs used in Europe a different shape than those in the US? So if you could just go and plug it into your house wiring, that means it should be a 220 volt unit. And if it came from Belgium it ought to be 220. Sounds like it was defective in manufacturing and you should be able to return it for a refund.

If it was set for 120 and you plugged it into 230, it’s likely toasted. I am sorry about that. Can you ask for a refund? Did you buy it from a private party?

Thanks a lot for your replies, it came with american plug, I just used a basic EU converter, it was quite obvious for me because I bought it from an american brand, my mac is also american, and I use it in Spain, so I didn’t even think about that…

I bought it from your page on Amazon, sent by Amazon Export Sales LL. so not really sure from where it came, when I was tracking my package the first notice I had was, shipped from Belgium. Right now checking on your amazon page I can see you are out of stock, which worries me a bit more…frown

Paul I believe SPROUT does not have fuse? If not I know it’s ruined for sure.

thanks a lot for your time and consideration.

It does not have a simple fuse. The amplifier module will have to be replaced. It can be done at the factory, though it’s not cheap.

Thanks for your reply Paul, I understand from your response, it will be cheaper to buy a new one than fixing this damaged one…? frown

And I understand that if I bought this from you guys, on your Amazon page, I can’t get a refund for this?I’m a bit confused.
Not sure what are your return/refund policy

thanks a lot, this really means a lot.

You bought this from us? Our Amazon page is restricted to the United States for this very reason. We’re fine to ajust the voltage for people if they do buy from us and we know where it’s going.

Yeah Paul, i bought it directly from you amazon page…, I did that because it was the fastest way of getting to Barcelona in less than 3 days… can send you the receipt if you want, just checking right now the tracking number, it left monday from Tampa, and then left Tuesday from Bruselles, BE, that’s why I thought it was coming from Belgium.

If you have it limited to the Us it shouldn’t say that it can get shipped to Barcelona, that’s a bit strange.

thanks a lot for your time.

If you want to cover round trip shipping I will repair for free.

Hi Paul, thanks a lot for this, really it means a lot, where should I send it? back to Tampa? you can send me an email if you want to

thanks a lot again!

Aaaaaargh, I just did the same as you, maumorgo! :frowning:

I live in Norway, and ordered the Sprout amp via PS Audio on Amazon. I was just so eager to test the darn beatiful little thing, but didn’t realize the 120 / 220 V issue. It made a snap kind of noice, and then it was dead.

Paul, if you read this: Can I send it to you guys for repair? Please? It breaks my heart (and wallet) if it’s actually cheaper to buy a new one than it is to fix it.

I just love the amp’s design and story, and I was really looking forward finally get to try it. God, I feel like an idiot…

Yes, of course.

Amazing, Paul! Thank you so much. If it’s possible to alter the amp to 220 V I will gladly pay for that operation, as well.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Easy to handle, just make sure we know when it arrives. You’ll need an RMA from service and you’ll need to cover shipping both ways.