Edcor 4400’s DSD Mod - instructions? Source?

PS DSD mod thread is so dense that I get lost in the weeds… is there a YouTube video to do the Edcor mod for dummies who don’t know much about electrical/electronic stuff?

Also where should I buy the Edcor from?

Thx in advance for your kind help.

If you’re in use, contact @wctaudio (Wayne). He installed my transformer and did an amazing job. This is not something worth trying to do yourself unless you know what you’re doing.

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I purchased 2 sets. One from a forum member and the other from edcorusa.com. I checked the sight and they are not listed so you may have to contact Edcor or call them at 575-887-6790 I sold my second set to another forum member.

And yes like @audiojan I used Wayne @wctaudio for my install. Wayne does excellent work!

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If anybody sends me a PM with an email address, I‘ll senf back a PDF with the collected wisdom of that original thread.

It‘s not a how-to. But it will help inform e.g. any technician on what this mod is about.


They are there, but it’s always a hunt every time I look:


Please excuse this basic question, but do the modifications (any or all), apply to DS Junior as well, or only Sr?

Not really:

The DS Sr already has a footprint (drilled holes, etc.) for the XS4400. The Jr doesn’t so it’s a little harder to do a transformer transplant.

Similarly the DS Jr’s power supply is more integrated. (The noise on the reference voltage for its regulators is down around -144dB.) Since its discrete regulators are at the point of load, replacing the analog supplies isn’t straight forward either.


Ted to the rescue! The Edcor search engine is lacking! Happy New Year Ted! Thank you for this magnificent device that creates beautiful music in my room!

Thx @tedsmith.
I ordered immediately:) my understanding is Wayne would do the install but I need to provide the transformer?

So I have DM’ed @wctaudio but in the meanwhile… do I have to ship the DS to Wayne? Which city is he in and how did you guys package it safely?

Yes Wayne needs the Transformers and the analog board. If my memory serves me right he charges more if you send the dac as opposed to the analog board itself. I removed the board and sent it to him. His turn around is super fast!

He’s in Roswell, Ga., just north of Atlanta.