Edcor site

Not worried, yet, but does anyone know how long Edcor’s site has been down. I just poked at it this morning just to see if there was any status on my transformer order I placed a few weeks ago, and it’s completely down.

I know sites periodically experience problems, so would just be concerned if it has been down “for awhile.”

I just noticed there is a post on their FB page saying “I am sorry, but our website is down at the moment. It will be up and running shortly.” That post was made on JULY 15?

It was running fine when I checked just now. I also was there two days ago and things were fine. I suspect they were updating the site.


Thanks, Ted!

The site has been down for me as well for a while. I emailed them last Sunday and they said it was back up. I checked and it was not. So I emailed again. They got back to me today and suggested I call Monday to place my order. Site will probably go up right after I post this :grin:

I just tried it and its not there.

There was some sort of WWW gremlin running about in some sectors of The Web recently.

AFAIK, the outages have been resolved.

Don’t know if related…

It was up the morning I posted this and after Ted’s reply. Out of curiosity I just checked just now (9:42 PM EST) and it’s dead again.

Curious that they replied on a Wednesday and told you to call on Monday to place an order.

I, too, suspect the issues people are having is related to the recent massive Internet outage.

I was able to place my order thru their updated website today

Placed my order Monday and got a notification the xs4400’s are already headed my way. Cool! Just have to find an installer now…


Any recs for US based modders? I don’t mind shipping. I’m in northern Louisiana and could drive somewhere too within a few hours.

As has been reported widely here, @wctaudio has completed the mod for many including myself. I assume he’s still doing it.

Edit: BTW, his prices are very fair and the process was as painless as could be.