Elk at Ikea

Visited IKEA today. Look what I found:

A 3D chocolate Elk. My daughter loved it.


Uhhhh, that’s a moose, not an elk. Or OUR Elk either! :grin:

I like it.

Ad he has great taste.

(Moose are called elk in Britain and Europe.)


I’m wondering if you can comment on the, “self-assembly”…

Belöning means reward btw


Thanks, I did not know this.

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Self disassembly!

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See top left corner of the box.

3 flat slabs of chocolate that need to be assembled to make the Elk or Moose (wherever you come from) stand up with antlers.

That is if you get to that before you have eaten the chocolate.

Very original I think.

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HEHE Here from Hamburg HIFI trade fair


I like the lighted critter. Very nice.

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Well did you bring the moose home ? :grinning:

Which begs the question, what do they call an elk over there? :wink:

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Good question. According to Wikipedia it is called a wapiti. Never heard of it before,


Wapiti is used in the states as well.

I enjoy it translate to “white rump,” an accurate description for most of us this time of year.

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I understand that the Shawnee and Creek Indians labeled the Elk a “Wapiti”. The Lakota were given that “credit” in the movie, “Dances With Wolves”, but I believe they call it by a different name. For me, seeing a Bull Elk in it’s native environment is quite moving…….and an Elk steak is scrumptious, indeed.
Sorry to run so far off topic.

An elk at home is impressive. As I trumpet player I also appreciate they bugle.

Elk is by far the most common name for the animal here. Wapiti is a rare and somewhat archaic. None of the NW Tribes use Wapiti.

Indeed, Elk, what a magnificent sound….soulful.

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Moose, Elk, Wapati, either of them have four legs, and are magnificent, tall animals.

I believe this is a North American, Canada, Elk (Wapiti). Picture taken between Lake Louise and Banff on Alberta 93 along the Bow river:

Here in perspective to (distant) cars, how awesome tall they are:

But wait, it is cute and dangerous there:

and behold, a couple of miles after our encounter with the Elk:

This picture is not cropped, taken with a 200 mm lens. I got a mouth full from the game keeper. Should have stayed in the car. Probably one of the most stupid things I have ever done. Yet, I like the result and the story.

Not bad for a late morning arrival at Calgary airport after a 16 h trip from Amsterdam. Had to do it after the trip, we had business meetings next morning. Today, in Covid 19 times, with the entry bans, it all feels like a fantasy or dream. So blessed to have been able to live it.

I have yet to encounter a European Elk (Moose) in the wild, working on that hough.