Where is Elk?


Just doing a head check after the forum capsized… Haven’t seen any antlers yet.

(Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum area, I don’t have the permission to move it)

stereophilus said (Sorry I posted this in the wrong forum area, I don't have the permission to move it)
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What clock is the server using? I noticed Ted’s reply was at 1:03 PM today, but I’m writing this at 9:34 AM EDT. I would think the clock would be on Boulder time, but appears to be GMT. Since I don’t know when (on my clock) Ted’s post was made I can’t be certain. So what is it?


Well, no sooner did I post then I noticed my post was displayed four hours ahead. After reading a post from Paul on display order I discovered you can choose the time zone! This new format does have quite a few new features, oh joy! More settings to monkey with!


Found a couple of his posts in the “The Brain - don’t forget about it” area. One of them was about fertile women and musicians, perhaps he’s having a late (or early) rut. Not interested in equipment right now …




Glad you’re still with us. When is Elk season anyway? The fall?


We elk are always out standing in our field.


Elk…hmmm, elk. Ehhhhhllllllk.

No doesn’t ring a bell. Wonder what the chap’s real screen name is? This is the fancy needlepoint forum, right? Hey, who are you guys and whats a DAC? Is that some kind of water buffalo?