Elliot's list

Elliot Goldman at Bendingwave has put together a list of his favorite tracks for listening. The list can be found here:
It is only a list of the tracks. You have to procure the music from your sources.

There are playlists on qobuz of the list. It has been split into two volumes. They are named Elliot’s Playlist Vol 1 and Elliot’s Playlist Vol 2. Note that not all of the tracks from his list are included in the playlists.
I am working through volume one. It is quite good.


Thanks for this — always kinda fun to give such things a go with my finger on the next song trigger.

Anybody know how to see Qobuz playlists such as this within Roon? It’s an import activity, I believe, that I don’t really know how to get at. Perhaps import in Qobuz, then import settings in Roon? TIA!

I imported them in Qobuz and marked them favorites. They then showed up in roon.


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Thanks for that. I appreciate it!

Pretty fun stuff. Thanks again for the share.