Error in Stellar P3 Product Overview

When looking at the blurb for the P3 under Products/Regeneratrors, if one selects Want More Info and then starts reading the Overview there’s a paragraph as follows:

The P3 includes 3 separate zones delivering 300 watts of pure continuous regenerated power, 500 watts of short term power(up to 30 seconds), and dynamic peak power (3 second or less) of a whopping 900 watts for explosive dynamics. From small to medium power amplifiers to all your source equipment, the Stellar Power Plant 3 will work magic on your system’s performance with pure, regenerated power. The Stellar 3 also includes up to 1000 watts of filtered and protected power for larger power amplifiers.

Apparently there are only two zones in a P3, HC/Regen and the remaining 4 or 6 outlets.

Thanks. Good catch. I fixed that.

Great Paul. I’m on a roll at present having got my big system sounding astonishing (I’ve said that before, I know).

You probably know that I’ve got 2 P10s, 2 BHK250s, 3 Directstream seniors (plus 1 spare). I’ve also just got a Stellar P3 and have moved the three direcstreams over to it (I figure they might benefit the most from the newer regen technology).

I’m really trying to get to the bottom of things like zones. Also, the benefit that the clean function has.

I’ve been told that the clean function is the same on older regenerators (e.g. P10) and the new regenerators (e.g. SP3). I wonder whether that’s actually true - e.g. it may be that the way you now generate the sine wave via FPGA software also allows you to implement multiwave and the clean function via that same software, thereby improving the waveform that’s produced.

I’m also pleased that you’ve closed the ‘Ask the experts’ category, however I’d like it replaced with a genuine Ask The Experts category that is monitored and answered by experts - I’d even donate something to charity for every question that’s answered!

All the best, thanks for everything, Dan (aka

Yes, the waveforms we generate in the newer Power Plants are the same shape as the older ones though we use a different DAC and software. We switched to DSD for the waveform generation in the newer ones because it sounded better. Though, as mentioned, the waveform shapes are identical.