Estate Sale Purchase - PowerPlay IPC9000

Up until yesterday I had not head of PSAudio. I was on my way home when I noticed an estate sale. I am actually in the market for new furniture so I stopped by. I ended up picking up various A/V components including an PowerPlay IPC9000. Initially I did not get a good look at it, I did not know what it was I assumed it was similar to a Panamax Bluebolt.

Long story short I fired it up and it works great, I plan to keep it. When I put it on my network, and I access the device, I get an interface with very limited configuration options. Towards the bottom I see

“For additional help, please contact your custom installer or”

I am very happy with it as is, a “dumb” power conditioner, it’s really cool! Very handy for my home office. But if I wanted to explore more configuration options how can I go about that? I would like to avoid a dealer, for 1 I don’t know who the dealer was that put this in, if it was registered to the previous owner etc. and 2 whatever extra configuration options there may be are, to me at the moment, not worth paying a dealer to look at.

Just wondering if anyone has any insight.

Here is the manual.

Thank you this is very helpful. According to the manual I should be able to get in at this website:

It appears it’s under construction however, and I can only access the limited local features. Thank you for this.

The service was around for years but apparently the single server that hosted it became over loaded and could not be saved. It’s been in rebirth for at least a year with no specific date when it will be available again.

Wow a single server was running it!? Man that’s crazy, PS Audio has some work to do lol. Oh well I’m in rush to get in there. As is, I’m very happy with the unit, I was just curious about what else it could do.