Power Plant and a Heat Wave

If you were ever wondering why you’d want a PP, think about the ever increasing heat waves that many of us are experiencing this Summer. Here in the Pacific NW we’re in our third heat wave this summer. Our PP10 is working hard and proving it’s worth.


I am in the mid Atlantic region and I wish my input/output looked as good as yours.

I can’t even maintain 120 volt output, my voltage runs higher than 120 volts.

My THD in is 4 -7 % and it struggles to maintain .4 - .7 % out.

It does make a difference though and that’s what matters most.

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Wow! I hadn’t considered input values like that. Which PP are you running?

I sure wish I could get my PP15 to connect to PowerPlay! I’d love to see these graphs. The link says:

“It looks like you don’t have any PowerPlay-enabled products registered, or your devices aren’t able to communicate with our servers.”

When I go to my account it shows my PP15 as registered and lists my serial number (which PS Audio verified as a proper number).

PS Audio tells me that sometimes it just doesn’t work and they won’t do anything to help solve the problem. This is a feature that really interested me when I made the purchase.

It is fussy as to which browser you use. Try Microsoft Edge if you are a Windows user.

Otherwise @jamesh can often help.

Hmm, I certainly hope no one has told you that. Sure there can be hiccups in network connectivity or a blip with the server, but we can definitely get you connected to the server. If you have it connected to your internet, send me an email and we’ll be able to get you hooked up. jamesh@psaudio.com


No problem. We should be able to find it and get you up and running soon. I’ll keep you posted when it’s live.

Your P15 is now live!


Thanks James! It appears to be working!


Another example of some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced (even though this wasn’t for me). Awesome just awesome.


My P12’s THD is 3.8% - 4.5% (avg about 4.2%) in, 0.1% out with zero deviation. Voltage is 117v - 121v input, and 119v output, again not even a hint of variation. The thing about my input voltage that I find strange is that it’s peaks are in around 8pm - 10 pm, and the low points are around 7am - 8am. I would have expected the lows to be in mid to late afternoon, when temperatures are their highest.

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They’re probably adding supply at peak demand? That THD out looks healthy.

Ironically, and if we are to believe that man is contributing to global warming, the extra power draw of the regenerater is contributing to the heat wave, as is all of our Hi-fi rigs.

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When all my equipment is in standby, my P20 shows that I am drawing 200 watts.


Same here: 200W in standby. About 1000W when class A is activated on the monoblocks :anguished:

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By comparison my vehicle burns 221 kilowatts. So, its environmental impact exceeds 1000 HiFi systems. I feel bad already!

I off set my Hi-fi’s power consumption by practicing the Wim Hof method, and only taking cold showers. Also never use my home’s AC unit.

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