P10 has arrived in my home

Then came my P10 home. Unfortunately, I’m going to a concert today so it will not be taken until tomorrow. Thank you to the Danish importer of PS audio equipment.:grin:

More love from Denmark
I’m looking forward to playing with P20 at the HIFI fair in Copenhagen

Is there anybody who just wants to update me on this? Thanks in advance

Powerplay Unavailable

With our apologies we are temporarily disabling internet access to Power Plants and PowerPlay units worldwide. With the many thousands of units around the world the load on our servers has finally exceeded our capabilities of keeping them current and up to our standards. We are in the process of rebuilding new servers that will solve this problem and, while we’re at it, should provide a better user interface and easier access to your performance data. We apologize for this inconvenience.

This will in no way impact the safety, performance or sonic improvements offered by the Power Plant AC regenerator. Your products will continue to operate and provide their amazing benefits as they always have.

While our servers are down you will still be able to access the unit’s extended control features such as zone naming and web access to turn on and off zones. Scheduling and performance data will be unavailable.

Is there anybody who just wants to update me on this? Thanks in advance
To access the control features of Power Plants and PowerPlay units you can use your local home network and any web browser. Instructions for local access of your Power Plant or PowerPlay device follow.

If you have any questions please contact us at service@psaudio.com. Thanks for the understanding and we will return service as soon as possible.

Here is the update. It don’t work. No one seems to know when or if it ever will again.

I thought I read Paul said sometime in Sept but could be later. It’s a nice to have but certainly not needed to operate the unit. Just go to it’s IP address (or give it hostname) in a browser and you can do everything but scheduled routines.

Hopefully the host the new/updated backed in AWS or other so it can scale to meet demand, and even be geolocated for NA and EU perhaps.

Yes, thanks. We took down the PowerPlay site because it was giving so many people so many problems. It’s being rebuilt properly.

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Thank you Paul. I have not listened so much when I first come home from summer on October 31st. But there is a difference in the sound image - it has become more calm and it is quite quiet.There is one that my PS audio devices have now started to bumble, I see it on Thursday. But I’m glad it has helped start considering each new purchased from PS audio equipment, which sticks to many new issues every time and my experience is probably every one of the pS products I’ve purchased - cables. Then again it can only go forward. My net it fluctuates a lot in 24 hours.

More Love from Denmark


After the new ones have come to the market, it is possible in the EU to get a P10 at reasonable prices as low as USD 3,620.57