Ever done anything this stupid with your audio system?

I actually have these, which kinda do something similar:

But… I moved everything into a new - larger - rack and haven’t yet finished the installation, and those are still out of the mix. Maybe this weekend I’ll have time to wrap it up.


That’s a fantastic idea!

Patent rescinded.

When I first got the PST, I tried a CD with an adhesive mat on it. The CD sounded lifeless, so I removed the mat and cleaned the surface as much as I could.

I put back the CD and it sounded much better. However, when I opened the tray, the disc did not come out. I ended up putting PST vertically with the front facing the floor and waited one day before it loosened up.

I cleaned the disc again and played it one more time. It got stuck again! I did the same routine and finally throw the CD away.


Listening while intoxicated?

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I would have said so.

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