Everlasting Dance (New Octave release)

The music of this latest release is growing on me. Every time I listen to it, it sounds better and better! Really makes you want to get up and dance. Extraordinary fidelity! Every release is better than the last. Most enjoyable music. Bravo, Octave Records!


I just ordered both latest SACD discs from Octave. Even from my headphones the music sounds great. I am looking forward to receiving them.


I played the 24bit 192k version and it’s phenomenal! The music is very powerful and live sounding. The SACD version is possibly even better. You’re in for a treat!


Thanks! This too is one of my favorites. The top end on this recording is …. Killer! Best I have on my system.


Bottom end is very tight and powerful also, very additive. It really doesn’t get much better than this. Love the recording and the music.

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I have found every one of the Octave releases exceptional in sound quality. None have disappointed in that regard. However, I’ve found the music in most dry, dull, just not my cup of tea. Otis Taylor’s Hey Joe Opus was the exception. I’ve enjoyed listening to that disc many times. Now along comes Tierro’s Everlasting Dance, I feel it is a Home Run. Sound is exceptional (as always), but the music is just as exceptional. You can’t help but to MOVE some part of your body if not all of it. Kudos to the band.


I was listen to the demo tracks on the Octave website and in 44.1 the tracks sound extraordinary! My favorite it Casa Latina! I will be ordering a copy!

Thanks guys. Have a look at this video we put together on the Everlasting Dance musicians:


My wife is away for a few hours, and I’ve had a great morning with this music. Mind-bogglingly fabulous. So detailed and spacious with amazing decay. Lush, yet crisp. Love the music too—such an exotic, yet familiar sound.


Just pulled from the mailbox:

Looking forward to giving it a spin soon…

The clips played back on a iPad hooked me. I’m looking forward to all the system can do with it (or can’t yet do in my case) but I was just want to get in the groove.

It is really a wonderful release. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

Great, great music. But one problem: My wife hears it being played up in my music room and wants it on her system downstairs. No DSD dac down there. Help! Seriously, is it available for streaming in redbook?

Not streaming but it is available for download in redbook.