Eversolo DMP-A6 Master Edition

That’s a great find. Thanks. I don’t use as dac. Was starting to regret not getting ME. Now not so much.

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Makes sense to me, however, for some reason the ME using USB made my DAC sound better than I’d heard it before. Wishful hearing? Don’t know. Most likely from the lower noise floor than I was used to while streaming.

Did you have the standard? I’ve forgotten. I don’t think anyone doubts the attributes of the ME. If I had to do it again - I might have gone that route. Here is what I think we know for certain. The internal dac is better - and the flexibility that could give you is pretty solid


$900 or $1300, still lower in price than a decent cable. If the Master Edition would have been more readily available I would have bought it. But the normal edition is still quite, quite enjoyable. I wish there were more similar bargains in audio!


oh, was just noting this after seeing a reference to the Hans Beekhuyzen video saying he thought the ME sounded better than the standard, when used simply as a transport.

Just thought it interesting that he noticed a difference where others have said there shouldn’t be one.

No big whoop,


You certainly are enjoying that Eversolo!


i think the thing that freaks me out the most about the DMP-A6 is the increased soundstage.

Or maybe it’s just my KLH 5’s.

Combined, i’m hearing things BEHIND my head.

wait. it’s a woodtick



I think everyone that’s heard it can agree that the sonics are pretty much impeccable regardless of which version you have. But there are lots of great sounding streamers to choose from. What sets the Eversolo apart is that great app. The latest update makes it a joy to use. I’m not a Roon user so that’s a home run for us Qobuz subscribers. And it just sounds so good.

I agree on the soundstage. It is crazy wide which I love. I’m listening to Some Devil by Dave Matthews and if you want to hear a pretty nice recorded acoustic rock album it’s a good one.


Wow. Had one of those 2:30 am nights last night. I just couldn’t tear myself away. Just played Pink Floyd /Beatles / and Dave matthews. I will say the DMB albums are very well recorded. Which is rare for any rock type of band. They capture the drums incredibly well along w the acoustic guitars and horns while putting Dave’s voice up front.

The eversolo seems to have nice synergy with the DSD MkI in that it brings incredible detail along with that soundstage we were talking about above. Initially I was wondering if it was too detailed or had slightly more edge. I don’t think that anymore. I don’t know if it settled or what but it just sounds like layers of detail/soundstage/bass foundation paired w the analog nature of the DSD

I guess I’m liking it😀. What other recommendations do you have Al?


Another standard vs ME comparison.
They don’t come out and say so but I think it’s obvious that these comparisons are of the analog outs, that is they were listening to the built in DACs.

Well that makes perfect sense to me. Using an outboard DAC kind of wrecks comparing the two don’t you think?


Though I did not buy the Master Edition, this thread helped sway my decision to give the standard DMP-A6 a try.

For those following my adventures here, I have a Strata connected to a pair of ELAC UB52s. I still consider myself rather new to the whole streaming world as I have been using the Strata’s streamer exclusively and that was my first real taste of it. Was using Amazon Music and have upgraded to Qobuz now.

I love the Strata. Everything about it. It’s quality and its simplicity. But the streamer does have some weaknesses and I was intrigued to see what the DMP-A6 could do to expand my world.

Boy…did it!!

Gapless play…a better user interface from the Eversolo Connect APP, the ability to play the HiRes tracks (the Strata is limited to 44.1/16bit due to the bridge connection).

I am quite happy with everything about this unit. I always had the intention of using the Strata’s DAC, so hooking up via the USB cable supplied with the DMP-A6 got me access to those higher bit rates. Though the specs on the A6 say I can get them via COAX, it wasn’t happening for me.

Not only is the streaming experience better, but the sound is better. When I upgraded from the Sprout to the Strata, I made note that the cellos really stood out with a more fuller body. That has only expanded now and I really notice it in the lower regions of the orchestra. There are details to the bass and tympany I just did not notice before. The whole sound has more body to it. The soundstage and imaging is just also dialed in better. This isn’t just with the higher res recordings, but I notice it a CD quality as well.

I have been watching streamers for a while now, but none of them had everything I wanted. Until now.

It is a worthy upgrade IMHO, especially at my little, but amazing, system.



Guess I need to add him to my subscriptions now. Thanks, Chas.

Tidal Connect - On my regular version DMP-A6 - when I start the Tidal app (PC) I get the tidal connect option on the sound output - SOMETIMES - and if it is there, it plays for a couple seconds and then audio quits. I have to return to EVERSOLO DAC sound option- and the Tidal Connect option disappears (not a deal breaker but I ire when things don’t work - and I want my cover art!! (Doesn’t appear in non-Tidal Connect mode)) Connection is a USB-A PC to USB-C Eversolo cable. Anyone tried/have this issue?
I prefer the Tidal PC interface as it is easier to maneuver and you can alter playback order - a feature missing on most other Tidal interfaces. I prefer to play my playlists starting with the last added songs. Most other interfaces only allow creation order or shuffle.
Just got my Master edition for the soundroom - the regular edition goes to work! :smile:

keep them in the same system for a while to A/B compare! :grin:

The temptation is there… new soundroom build is in the works - I will likely subject myself to that when it is complete…!

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the main thing we NEED to know is if the ME upgrade makes a sound-quality difference when running through the same (external) DAC.


Full reset seems to have fixed the Tidal Connect! :grin:


Aaaaand gone again. :confused:
Back to the same issues after going from Roon back to PC app Tidal.
Tired different basic cables (no high grade ones on hand), tried from a different PC (Surface pro)
Tidal connect sound option comes & goes as an option and does not play.

Potentially dumb question - can one connect the DMP-A6 to a PC with a male to male USB-A cable?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It comes with a USB-A to USB-B cable in the box… not sure what you’d use that one for…