Everything is buzzing and I don't know why ;)


No problem, man. Here’s the Fix: Take a chunk or two of CAT5 and separate the leads of a foot off one end. Scotch tape the ends to the exposed bits of your YYYYYYYYY cable, strip an inch off the other end and shove into the ground hole of the nearest outlet. Done Deal!:facepunch:t2:

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Thanks but I got an even nastier ‘buzz’ when I stuck the one end into the outlet. Maybe I should get a big pan of water to stand in first.

Must be cause I used cat 8…hmm.

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Simple fix, they just need a PowerPlant… :grin:

This is probably what happens a lot when putting on media the music we play on our immensely expensive and sophisticated high end stuff, where we try to optimize with countless measures what was crap from the beginning :wink:

A related question, as I have everything in the house plugged into my SP3 power plant, and so each of the six outlets has roughly fourteen things plugged into them. Using Premium Carol Home Depot 14 Ga. triplexes.

Do you reckon I should put my Best/Thickest AC cables CLOSEST to the P3, or at the other end? The reason I ask is, the ground lugs on the NRG cables I have are too big to fit into the triplexes all the way. Is that bad?

And I do have everything CAT5 Grounded. Not sure about the standing in water thing, but you need to be sure you lick the ends real good prior to insertion.


SP3 is WAY overkill for that load. See if you can find an original P300.

Seriously, I have a couple of Nawaz’s NRG cables, good stuff! I have no such problem with the ground into my P10.

It makes me nervous to see the plugs not completely seated. The risk is a high resistance connection which could cause heating and worse. That’s not the kind of smoke test you want, especially near thousands of dollars worth of high end audio equipment.

But what struck me about the photos you supplied was plugging expensive cables into the triplex plugs. In addition (and I’m not sure of this), my gut is telling me that the triplex plug configuration may be defeating the purpose of the good cables, because they’re obviously more high quality than the triplex cord.

You might consider something like a workbench power strip some of which are rated up to 20 amps. I’m not sure of your configuration, but in any case, a power strip with widely spaced receptacles would give you room to plug in everything with no risk of not seating the plugs completely. In addition, since something like the workbench strip referenced above is in a raceway, if you wanted to rewire it with heavier gauge wire, star ground it, etc., it theoretically would be possible though to be honest I’ve never taken one apart to see their internals.

However you decide to proceed, I think it would be a good idea to have the cables fully seated in their receiptacles.

Ray, April 1st.

Ok you got me. But what I said still stands, don’t burn up your equipment by not plugging it in completely.

Agreed. The 'Beef would never actually do what his picture indicates. I’m confident.

I saw the image of the splitters all stacked on Reddit earlier today and it made me laugh. Figured you all would enjoy the humor. The collective mood wasn’t so much into April Fools this year. Sad but understandable.

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I use workbench power strips in both my systems. Extremely handy because there is always room for wall warts and such. I’ve rewired one power strip to star ground it and it works great. Hope someone can get some use out of my post other than a laugh at my inability to read the calendar…

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Absolutely. I’ve rewired a few all metal power strips with better outlets and star grounding as well over the years. Perhaps I’ll open one up and show some pictures for those that have never seen inside or are intimated to do it alone.

No cords were plugged into power, and no devices were harmed in the production of the photos🤠