Exposing kids to “dad’s music”/Genesis observations

Watched “Three Sides Live” and “Genesis in Concert 1976” with my daughter Evelyn this week. 3 observations

  1. Evelyn (11) has immediately become a huge Genesis fan. She was in the car with her older sister Bird (13) and they were handing the phone back and forth picking songs and when asked by her sister “what’s with all the Genesis?” Eve responds with “I watched them with dad. They’re awesome.” Also when selecting a song she didn’t know “Mom. That doesn’t sound like Phil. Who’s singing?” “That’s Peter Gabriel, honey”. “Who’s he?” “He was the singer before Phil.” “So Phil was just the lead drummer?” “Yes, sweetie.”

  2. I forgot that Mike plays the drums on “Whodunnit”. Mike is right handed playing on Phil’s left handed kit. I wish they showed it better in the film.

  3. The laserdisc was awesome although it was disappointing that they had the old film stuff on for most of Cinema Show. I’d have really enjoyed watching Phil play on that. Bruford is a trip because he seemingly plays standing up quite a lot.

Follow up plans for me & the girl:


I paid $70USD for Live : The Way We Walk in Mexico City, Mexico back in '01 while visiting my Wife’s Family. Couldn’t find or order the damn thing here in the U.S. (we were living in PA at the the time). Still have the DVD’s and saw the tour in Toronto at the SkyDome in '92. Great show once again.

Wow, it’s so amazing to see how much your daughter Evelyn has taken to Genesis after watching the concert videos with you. It’s so special to be able to share a love of music with our children and to see them develop their own appreciation for it. Seeing Evelyn’s curiosity and interest in the different members of the band is so heartwarming. It’s also great to see you have a follow-up plan with her to explore more music and continue to bond over it. It’s important to expose all children to music, including children with special needs, as it can have a positive impact on their development.