Genesis SEBtP Atlantic 75th Anniversary Pressing

Holy sweet baby Jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt.

I have never heard a better sounding record, and that includes my 1-Step “Nightfly”. It’s dead digital quiet despite being the original analog mix straight from the masters. Analogue Productions is claiming 100% analog; I buy it here. “Firth of Fifth” literally had me forgetting to breathe during the solos. And the mix is the original that was deep in my bones.

I have a few more of these Genesis records pre-ordered but not The Lamb. I may need to re-assess that after hearing this. The SACDs are a lot less critical to me now, listening to this.

@rajugsw, you won’t believe this. It’s utterly incredible.



“The Battle of Epping Forest” is super dense lyrically. Phil noted in an interview that if they’d known Peter Gabriel was going to write so many lyrics they’d have done a shorter musical piece. It is amazing in this presentation. Completely fresh. It’s like I’ve never heard it before.

Amazing. HiFi is fun.


My “review”

Quick thoughts on Aja

You are :100:% spot on Mike !



I’ve never owned a record like this. Last get-together someone brought “Aja” in UHQR and we were all blown away. This is right up there.

It’s exposing the shortcomings in my turntable and I don’t like that.

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Man, nobody plays like Phil. Listening to “Cinema Show” you really get a sense how busy he plays. And I don’t think anyone matched sounds between instruments as well as Genesis. Half the time you think that it’s Tony playing, it’s really Steve Hackett. There’s no guitar god that played as delicately as he did. Incredible.

And Peter sounds his absolute best when in harmony with Phil. I say “when you hear Peter and you think ‘whoa, he sounds AMAZING’, he’s probably singing with Phil”.

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Looks like you beat me to the punch. Music Direct got their shipment late apparently. I have the remainder (minus the SEbtP SACD) ordered direct from Acoustic Sounds. I ordered the self-titled on LP because my vintage copy is beat to hell. I didn’t order Abacab - I have the original, the last LP release, the Definitive Remaster (90s), the Atlantic Gold CD mix, and the 2005 mix on CD. (And yet I may get it one more time based on this release…time will tell. I LOVES me some Abacab). I didn’t get Foxtrot - I’m pretty happy with that and I’m not about to split up Supper’s Ready across two sides. I ordered the Lamb on SACD. The LP becomes a LOT harder decision now. Hearing this release makes me think NOT buying it may be a mistake. I’ll need to see how it gets broken up. Trick of the Tail was a no-brainer on both record and SACD-the 2005 release is genuinely bad. As maligned as it is, I wish there were a re-release of Wind and Wuthering. That record has some genuine bangers on it. The loud-soft dynamic range is absolutely insane. I’d really like a Grundman cut of that.

Not going to complain though. These releases were a complete surprise and I will treasure the fact they exist.

Good to finally put a voice and presence to the name. Count me as a subscriber now!


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