external power supply full line advantage?

I was thinking,

since PS Audio has a full line of audio products

and top power conditioners

would there be an advantage in getting rid of the internal power supplies in each audio device and feed them directly DC from a PS Audio DC PSU?

That would mean a new line - or option for each product to have DC instead of standard AC power input, and new Power products…

Only one DC conversion, fewer DC converters…

Would that be good or is there an advantage in keeping the full power regenaration and the second DC conversion?

A few companies do that, like Nagra and Naim…

It’s likely a double edged sword - but, overall, I would think advantage. You could eliminate any of the ACV noise issues, conversion to DC issues present in each piece. And, so, for source and control equipment it would be a good thing - not so good for a power amp unless you did it in twin identical chassis - which would be a lot of real estate and expense.