Fake/Counterfeit PS Audio Cables

I own 3 PS Audio AC-5 cables, all bought at Audiogon. I suspect that the two 1-meter cables, bought “new” from a seller called Don Zap (now suspended from Audiogon for reasons which Audiogon will not reveal to me), are fake. The only perceptible difference between them and the 1 ½ meter one (bought “used” from a seemingly very reliable seller) is the color of the white plastic at the base of the prongs. On the 1-meter cables the white is a flat white; on the 1 ½ meter cable the white is a milky cloudy semi-transparent white. Can anyone tell me what sort of white color genuine PS Audio cables have at the base of their prongs? Thanks.

What about the sound? DO they “sound” differently?

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What does it tell us? Do the PS cables look too good? Sound too good? Both? Expensive look, inexpensive to build? :smiley:

One thing you can say is ps audio sounds better. Hong Kong or ebay it’s crazy . I bought from dealers of ps audio . I did buy one from Hong Kong by accident . I am waiting to rec it and send it back .

Or sad that we have to wonder ? But as much as imwouldmlike to blame someone I do not know who. I think we need to inform ebay , audiogon and whoever . This is the only way it will slow down. As for sound I have been to busy to even try them yet. Paul is it possible to measure the dc resistance . Of then at least we know it’s the same gauge and copper.


alrainbow said: One thing you can say is ps audio sounds better.
alrainbow said: As for sound I have been to busy to even try them yet.

So you did not compare them ;)

Yes to compare them all. Give me a break man lol. I have about a dozen to go through and my reference that there better is from Paul hahaha.