Finally....PerfectWave SACD Transport

I found that at about 75 hours the sound opened up being more defined at all the frequencies I could normally hear. The bass developed a beautiful roundness and it’s been all good SQ wise since then with CDs from the 90s that I’d dismissed as not worth listening to becoming fuller, more defined and more nuanced in SQ. In addition to which there was marked bump in SQ from the FW 2.1.6. upgrade.


I also find the need for a double button push coming from a turned off display annoying.
I wonder if this could be changed in software?

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Will you be my friend?

It is repeatable every time?

Yes, it happens every time.
If the display is dark the first button push wakes it up. The second button push will execute the command.
The DMP transport would wake up the display and execute the command with just one button push.

OK, that sounds like a design choice to me then. It’s like when your iPhone’s display dims but is still on. Your first touch un-dims it, no matter where you touch, and the next touch is the first one the phone will recognize as a command.

I’ve had a similarly positive experience moving from the DMP to the PST, no way the bass was overpowering or unbalanced


That’s the way it should respond imo. Given that this is a design choice, my vote goes to one button push to execute a command.

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With roughly 150 hrs on the PST, the sound continues to improve in many areas, like sounding more analog like, but I’m still uncertain about the bass. The bottom end has a rounder quality to it, which seems to be at the expense of definition. Could be the speakers need to be repositioned, but I’ll continue to break the unit in before fussing with speaker placement.

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I have to ask this for a friend,

My server has a 16.44.1 recording on its hard drive. If I copy that recording from the hard drive to a thumb drive and plug it into a PST, will playing it back on the PST sound better, worse, or just the same as streaming it through Roon or JRiver or whatever to the DAC?

You folks talk about how Red Book playback is a whole new thing. I love that idea. But it made a friend of mine wonder hence the question. If it does sound better playing it through the PST to me that would mean the PST is changing reality somehow.

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Depends on the streamer. It is changing reality as well.

Seems crazy that it could be way better through the PST right? I’ve gotten feedback from a number of folks that were pretty shocked by the playback quality through the USB slot. Whether or not they were comparing it to a separate streamer/server, hard to say. Saying it’s darn good only means so much, I need some kind of reference.

The SQ through the USB slot is fantastic. Can certainly do reference listening through it if you have specific tracks you want to play. It goes through the same buffer process that reading a disc does. In practice though, I wouldn’t recommend it as a replacement to a streamer/server. Too much of a pain copying tracks/albums to a drive as opposed to having them all playable at the tip of your finger.


FWIW that’s the same way dCS players and transports work if the display is off.

If you say want to jump to the next track when the display is off you have to hit the next track button twice, once to wake up the display and once to jump to the next track.

In order to avoid the two button push shuffle I leave the display on the PST on, which means getting the displays out of sync with my other PS Audio gear, which I prefer to have turned off. To accomplish this I have to walk to the PST and aim the remote directly at the unit and turn the display on, while leaving the displays on the other gear turned off.

I discussed advantages of using the PST slot with James and can’t recall if I mentioned another benefit of using a drive with 300 or even 500 songs, it eliminates the need to get up out of my listening chair.

I like searching my library for tracks to play and screen printed a reference list on several pages (in large font for my eyes). While I liked this practice, don’t expect to do it very often.

Here is a challenge to all tech geniuses out there, how can I connect my server via USB to the PST port in a manner agreeable to the PST. Maybe, even use Roon. (Putting you all on advance notice, I don’t mind criticisms or even put downs; but obviously would more appreciate solutions. :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Man, I think trying to integrate a server with Roon and then feed it through the USB port would be tough. Reason being is the PST is the one that is accessing or indexing the files on the card. Whereas with Roon, you’d be telling the server to send those files to the PST. If at all possible, I don’t think this would be an easy endeavor.

That makes sense. Oh, go ahead and thwart me. I will just get up for more coffee and wait for some else to road block me. :relaxed:

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As a happy DMP owner, may I solicit some advice on the value added by the PST? I’ve been monitoring this forum as I consider trading up, but I’m not seeing the degree of enthusiasm and involvement by forum participants that I had during the ramp-up to release, beta-testing, and debugging/revision of the firmware for the DMP. I gotta say, I’m more than happy with sound of the DMP and current firmware-updated DS, using a Wireworld Platinum Starlight yadda yadda interconnect.
I abandoned using the DMP album/track displaying touch-screen long ago, and I still find its touch screen interface unreliable and annoying. I also find the DMP’s drawer and transport mechanism rather lightly built, and my experiences with several non-PSA transport failures leads me to suspect that within a year or so, the unit may be returning to the mothership for revision.
So, let me ask directly, as I ponder possible alternative future PSA budget allocations towards an Octave streamer, and power regeneration:
Do you think that the many grand to swap in the musically excellent DMP for a PST could be justified by a consensus opinion among current owners that:

  1. The PST represents a substantial improvement in sound quality,
  2. The PST transport mechanism is obviously more robust and is likely to maintain peak performance and reliability beyond what the DMP offers,
  3. Any debugging process has been accomplished, and the operating controls function reliably and conveniently?

I much appreciate your advice in making this decision. Thanks!

I’m in the same position as you, I like the sound of the DMP and can live with the quirks, for the most part, but an upgrade would be nice. A couple of points on the DMP: The drive mechanism is from OPPO, while it may seem flimsy I am not aware of a unusual failure rate with OPPO players so it should be good for a few years. The other point is even if there are failures PS Audio has supposedly (per James) kept all of the traded in DMP for spare parts. I have no idea how many DMP were made and how many have been traded in, but that is a commitment to keeping those DMP still in use playing for a long time.

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