Finally....PerfectWave SACD Transport

An odd happening. PST was merrily spinning along
when the music stopped and the logo light rapidly flashed. Not responsive to any command. Powered down and up via rear switch and all good. Strange.

If that was today, there is a simple answer—4/20!


I’ll check it again soon. Had my fill of that album for a hot minute. :wink:

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“Nice” to know I am not alone. I have 3 incidents similar to this.

04/19/2021 FW2.3.1
12/27/2020 FW2.1.6 and
11/23/2020 FW2.1.3

Logo flashing in 2 pulse intervals, PST still play alone ok. Wait till play ended, take out the disk, main power cycle brings PST back to normal.

Barry and James have been informed.

I had several similar experiences while I was breaking in the PST via the thumb drive on repeat. I’d check the unit in the morning and the logo light would be rapidly flashing and the player was unresponsive. After rebooting the player everything was fine.

Hi @Paul:

While no ripper on the PST ?

As a stand alone streamer/bridge, I would have allowed to rip a big CD collection and to manage it easily.

It’s hard to know which will be the best between the PS-Audio 2021 all range and the (almost)ALL IN ONE Aurender A30. My guess is that the Aurender A30 will be cheaper that PS-AUDIO range (I mean for the rest of the world who has no trade in).

Seems PS-Audio in now only interested in the CANUS market, which I can easily understand.

Having issues using a thumb drive on the PST.
For some reason it only plays every other track. If I select track 2 it jumps to track 3, and so on.
Another issue is if I want to have it play on repeat, I have to select single repeat, otherwise it will stop playing because it can’t advance to track 2. And finally the PST continually freezes when left on single repeat, at which point I need to reboot the unit with the switch on the back.
I’m using a thumb drive I received from PS Audio.
I’m dragging music files which I created from coping CDs into iTunes, on to the thumb drive.

Perhaps a related problem: When switching on the PST using the remote or logo front panel button, the disc tray is unresponsive using the the remote and front panel eject buttons. Powering down and back up using the rear power button fixes the problem. Not sure it should be like this.

I assume you are bringing your PST on from standby mode. This is different from PSA logo flashing during the playback. According to Barry “… The blinking logo is an indication the unit has run into a fatal software error, and the only way to recover is by powering off in the back…”.
In your case, it looks like the “standby frozen bug” which is a known bug during the beta testing, and subsequent FW updates (2.2.0/2.1.6) have addressed this problem. With current FW 2.3.1, this bug supposes to be less happened. You might want to check with PSA, if it happens more frequently.

Thanks Terrence.
I have checked he current installed firmware and it is 2.1.6. I’ll do the upgrade to 2.3.1 and see how it goes. Your prompt reply is much appreciated.

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The same thing just happened on my brand new PST: logo light flashing, keeps playing but unresponsive to the remote or front buttons. The display freezes as well.
I waited until the end of the disc, powered off and on in the back.

This is the second time in a week.

@jamesh can you please inform the engineering team.

My PST has done that numerous times. Have to power off and on in the back to restore function.

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My PST is more sensitive to Data Disk/ USB playback. Especially, if play music files with different resolutions (I.e. 48/24, 96/24. etc) . But normal play back with CD or SACD is mostly good. There were incidents that CD won’t play, usually it is a dirty disk, or the disk was loaded off center.

Assuming, the PST is ok. Might not help, but I would try the following

  1. make sure FW2.3.1
  2. check the connection is ok. Maybe try another HDMI cable.
  3. CD/SACD is clean
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Thanks. I have 2.3.1 and the discs are clean. Hdmi cable is WW Platinum, the same I used with my DMP without issue.
Either it’s a software issue, which seems possible since a few users have the same problem, or my pst is defective.

@jamesh is this a known software bug or should I ask for a replacement ? And if it’s a bug, is PSA working to fix it ?

It’s not the end of the world, but at this price level, a transport shouldn’t freeze regularly like that, IMHO.

Are there any patterns that seem to prompt it? The times that I’ve heard it happen to folks is when they’re swapping back and forth be redbook and SACDs a lot along with the USB input sprinkled in there as well. The software can lockup like this on occasion. A quick power cycle does the trick.