pwd mk ii firmware/bridge versions

Hi, I got a PWD mk ii yesterday. I am using it through the bridge input. I find it very detailed however i am also finding it to be a tad on the bright side. I have now tried a few random firmware versions and have had no luck in finding a noticeable improvement with the brightness.

Would anyone be able to offer some advice on what firmware version may work best for me??

Also, in the archive download page i can see the various options for firmware version, however i do not see any option other than the current for the bridge. does the bridge firmware versions have an impact sonically?

What would any version update for the bridge change? Is the version updates for the bridge, to update/improve how the bridge works, or is the SQ to benefit from the updates?

I should add, I am using the bridge version 1



Bridge II is a significant upgrade in exactly the areas of concern - that said, I would let the unit have some break in time to see if that calms down the brightness before I do anything else.