Firmware update procedure


Reading these forums, it seems that some people disconnect their cables before running the firmware updates. Is this the recommended procedure for everyone? I don’t think I’ve ever done this, and yet the firmware seems to install fine.

Only seems to be a problem sometimes if an I2S cable is connected but not for everyone.

Thanks, that’s exactly it. I’m using an I2S cable. Is it a good idea generally to disconnect that?

I do as it’s no big deal to turn off the transport when you turn off the DS to do the update pulling it from the DS and then plug it back in for the second power up after you remove the SD card.

You’re right, there’s no reason not to do it and it seems like a good thing to do. Thanks!

I think with the transport off you would not need to unplug the I2S cable since the issue is unintended power on the I2S from the transport as I understand it. Minor quibble I know.

Now if you find that you somehow appear to have “bricked” your DS DAC PS Audio has a Boot Recovery set of files that are very handy. I was worried I might have to send my DS Sr. to the factory or something radical. For some unknown reason my first attempt at installing Windom caused the DAC to endlessly flash the PSA Logo LED at a faster rate than normal. Also could not revert to Snowmass with the original SD card that was used to install.

And, to make matters even more fun, I accidentally installed the Windom SD card into my PWT. It didn’t like that either. The recovery for this was to first install the earliest PWT release 1.20 and then the latest 1.24. Before that I got an endless “Initializing” screen with zero progress.

The Boot Rescue is found here:

Another silver lining is that Boot Recovery files updated my bootloader to 1.13 so may be able to use SD cards larger than 2GB now.

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Wow, what a hassle! I’d better play it safe in the future. In fact, today I’m going to disconnect the cabling and reboot Windom, just to make sure everything is loaded in place.

Didn’t mean to scare anyone away from upgrades. Trying to offer some experience to help others. This Windom upgrade on the DS Sr. Was worth every bit of relatively minor pain.

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Sure, but it sounds like it’s best to take the time to undo the cabling. If the cabling is at the root of the issues people describe here. Thanks again for your advice. Good to know what the recovery process is.

Don’t think the I2S cable had anything to do with my update woes. Never bothered before.

I had a white screen once updating firmware on the DSD. Removed the I2S and rebooted and solved the issue. Scared the heck out of me and James straightened me out. The DSD worked perfectly, just could not see any data, “white screen”…

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