Firmware update - stuck initializing

Good day all,

I just tried to update my firmware to the recently released PWD 2.9.7.

The installation appeared to go well but upon rebooting, the device is now stuck at the “g” in Initializing. Waited for 10+ minutes without change. Cycled the power without change.

I also tried to download the firmware a second time and try again in case the download got scrambled somehow. No dice.

The only fix was to downgrade to an earlier firmware.

Has anyone else experienced this? Ideas?



Do you have a bridge installed? Bridge I or Bridge II?

Also now that you have downgraded, can you try upgrading again?


I do have the Bridge installed but am unsure of what version.

Now that I have downgraded, I am trying to update the Bridge firmware and then hope to try the newest firmware again.

The Bridge firmware update is proving to be challenging as well. Using the web interface, I went to the IP address of the Media Bridge and then chose to update via Flash. This gave no indication that is was working, so I tried to update via the network. Now I get an error indicating that another session has already begun an update process.

The DAC itself, however, gives no indication this an upgrade is underway and I am leery of killing the power to re-initialize in case the process is actually happening in the background.

Not too sure how to proceed at this moment.

Thanks for the prompt reply!

You definitly have a bridge I. Bridge II does not have a web interface. Just wait a while and if it does not give you a completed indication, power cycle it. But you should not need to upgrade either your Bridge I or your PWD, as the only thing it add is Roon support for Bridge II, which you do not have.


Sorry for the double post. Took the plunge and power cycled. Bridge is now running 2.15.

Now to try newest DAC firmware… Will post back.

Everything is now up-to-date. Once the bridge firmware updated, the main DAC firmware update worked without issue. (And now I learn none of it mattered!)

Thanks for your responses regardless.