Perfect Wave DAC and Bridge 2

I installed the bridge 2 on the perfect wave DAC MK2 and tried to upgrade the firmware to the latest.
The power light kept blinking for a few hrs (more than 2 hrs). I thought this was too long and performed power down and up. Now the DAC would not turn on. Looks like the firmware update was not successful and the DAC is not working.
So how do I reset the dac to a factory setting or should I just try to reload the different firmware version?
Thanks in advance.

Were you trying to update the DAC’s firmware or the Bridge? Keep in mind they are separate. The DAC is updated with the SD card and the Bridge is updated OTA.

Yes, I was trying to update the firmware of the DAC with a sd card.

Welcome @jdavis1980
Upgrade failures are pretty rare, but when they happen, reasons vary from poor SD card contacts, to voltage fluctuations during firmware upgrades. Solutions include cleaning of contacts and re-trying, as well as downgrading to an older version then trying sunlight again. Please have a look at this thread:
Sunlight: Installation and Technical Issues - Audio Components / DACs - PS Audio
I am sure you will resolve this. My best wishes.

Thanks, I will try this.

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Thanks @Serhan that works. Now I am able to stream from tidal to ps audio bridge. It still does fallback to flac but I think it’s a different problem.

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Glad it’s back up and running and big thanks to @Serhan !