P10 - latest firmware. 046, no notes?

Been checking firmware updates for my P10 on the Resources tab.
I see the latest is 046 but there are no release notes that I can see.
I downloaded the files and some of them are saying 2017 and the remainder are older files.
How can I easily tell if I have the current version and it would be nice to see some release notes?

Last time I updated my P10 firmware was several years ago, I think when multiwave was released?

0.46 is the most current for the P10 - mine came with it installed a year ago, no idea regarding release notes

My P10 has been 100% stable since I purchased it 2nd hand - if yours is without issue, leave it alone, don’t update without a good reason

0.46 update addressed an odd bug where some screens would have a white line appear. In order to check if you have the latest code is to completely power down the unit with the rear switch, and turn it back on. While it is initializing, tap on the center of the screen. This should bring up the settings screen.

Ok, thanks guys.
Mine is running smoothly, just want to check whether I have the latest version or not.
The mixture of 2017 and older threw me a bit.
I’ll check which version I have next time I have to power recycle.

0.46 came out over two years ago, so the 2017 makes sense.