1.25 firmware upgrade for P15

I just made the firmware upgrade (available on the web site) to my new P15. The default firmware was 1.23.
Does anybody knows which kind of improvements (if any) introduces this 1.25 firmware upgrade?

It should be in the release notes. They said previously, all future software upgrades would have release notes listing the changes.

I don’t find any release notes. Can you help me in finding them?

PS Audio - the Director of Engineering if I recall - said on the forum here that all future software would have release notes.

@jamesh is the go-to guy for following this up.

I made a comparison between the 1.23 and the 1.25 release.
It seems that the content of the 1.23 release is newest than the 1.25 release (see the dates of the .hex files on the picture)
I wonder if it is possible to reinstall the 1.23 release?

No it’s not. Since when did 21 May come before 28 March?

Yes, but it is one year later (2018 vs. 2019): see the last three files

Again. No it isn’t. 125.hex is 21 May 2019. 123.hex is 28 March 2019. 1.25 is the later version.

Yes, I understand what you mean. I see that the first three .hex fils are new (otherwise I wouldn’t have made the upgrade) but I don’t understand why the last three files are dated June 2018 (ver. 1.25) instead of March 2019 (ver. 1.23) ?!

But apart this particular issue, I’d like to receive an answer to my original question.

@jamesh will need to follow that up.

No performance upgrades in 1.25. We needed to fix a minor bug where the meters on the display would stop refreshing.

Thank you for your answer, @jamesh
After the firmware upgrade to the new release 1.25, I noticed that the power meter shows an higher value compared to the one measured and showed on the status display (see the images).
As a matter of facts my hi-fi system absorbs around 300 W, but the needle on the power meter actually shows 375 W.
With the original firmware (I suppose it was the 1.23) the power meter indications was more precise. Does the new firmware affect the power meter scale?
Is there any safe possibility to reinstall the 1.23 firmware version?

You don’t want 1.23
Stay on the current version.
The meter indications in 1.23 were wrongly scaled for P20 with full scale deflection being for the maximum load of P20. Therefore, when P15 is operating at its maximum load, the meter will only show a fraction of that.
All this has been discussed before in the forum, several times.

One of the fixes in the 1.23 firmware is it makes the wattage needle in the P15 display correctly. see, P15/P20 1.23 Firmware Live!

I do not recall any discussion that 1.23 is scaled improperly for the P15, but I may have forgotten. Cite?

By the way, luigi61 is referring to 1.25, not 1.23. His post is the first mentioning a power meter scaling issue with a P15 running 1.25. @jamesh are you aware of a power meter display issue with 1.25?

Luigi61, there is no problem reloading 1.23 if you would like to do so.

I’m not aware of any scaling issue with 1.25. @luigi61, can you verify you have 1.25 loaded?

@jamesh yes, I confirm I have the 1.25 firmware installed (see the picture)

Can you confirm that it’s possible to reinstall the 1.23 firmware without any problem?

Thank you. Yes, reinstalling 1.23 shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Can I use the same procedure with the sd card to reinstall the 1.23 firmware?
Or do I have to press “RESTORE DEFAULTS”?

Use the same procedure you did for installing 1.25.

Yes, same procedure. Restore defaults refers to any settings you may have changed in the setup menu.