P15/P20 1.23 Firmware Live!

Howdy folks,

We just went live with the new P15 and P20 firmware. It should fix a couple different bugs - I’ll have more notes regarding what was addressed later. I just wanted to get it out there as soon as possible.

You can find the firmware here.

This version fixes:

• The Wattage needle in the P15 to display correctly.
• Some memory corruption issues that could cause various random behavior
• Touchscreen sensitivity improvements to prevent false touches.

Enjoy! :grin:


Thanks, Schroedster! I downloaded and installed on my P20 with no problems.


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Thank you sir!! Loaded and all is good. Wattage needle displaying correctly!



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I take it no firmware updates required for the P12?

Not at this time. The fixes were related to P15 measurement (needle position) calculations, and mostly capacitive touch panel improvements. The P12 uses a resistive touch panel. There will be more firmware improvements coming to all the PowerPlants expected later this summer.


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That is correct.

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So to update the firmware on my P15 I just need to copy the download to an SD card and then just insert it into the P15?

Right. Download the zip file, unzip it, remove the contents from the unzipped folder, place those files on a clean SD card, insert fully into the Power Plant, then power cycle through the rear panel power switch. The front panel PS logo light should blink.

Thanks so much Paul!!

Just updated my P15. Easy update.
Thank you!

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Not working for me. I’m using a clean SD card 64gb. I unzipped the files and copied to the SD card without the folder just the files. Inserted SD into my P15 (Gold pins down as this is the only way it will insert) power off and on from rear of P15.

No blinking logo in front and no firmware updated. What am I doing wrong?

Have you tried using the SD card that came with the P15? I could almost swear that I read 4GB to 16GB was the recommended size:

Here it is:

Not sure if a 64gB card will work. If memory serves it’s got to be something smaller but I could be wrong. We use 4gB cards.

I suspect the Power Plant is unhappy with the card’s formatting. A 64GB card is typically formatted as exFAT as sold.

PS Audio products typically like FAT16 or FAT32. See, here.

I suggest using a card no bigger than 8GB and formatting as FAT16.

Duh…I forgot :crazy_face:that the P15 came with an SD card. Just tried it and it worked perfectly.

Thanks guys!

Yippy! :slight_smile:

Update went flawlessly. Thanks!

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A few days after update, came home to find the meter screen on again. So I’d say that it didn’t get to that (apparently) not big problem. It’s something that’s been more on the occasional side.

I’ll report any issues but so far, no problems.

Last night I came in to find the settings screen on. First time for that.