Firmware updates/upgrades for DSD DAC

Hello - I think this might have been addressed before, but as a new owner I was wondering if there has been any thought to incorporating some new settings into future firmware updates. For example, maybe letting users access and make changes to the settings menus from the remote control, or making it possible to dim the blue power button while keeping the main screen brightness level the same (or vice-a-versa). Or even things like being able to switch FPGA programming on-the-fly…just curious. Love the product.

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We have added similar features in the past and there’s no reason a priori that we can’t in the future. But changing the FPGA programming on the fly won’t be one of them (not enough flash memory for multiple versions.)


Obsidian TSS will have enough flash memory to boot a choice of versions, right?

There’s plenty of flash in the TSS - having a UI for swapping installations won’t be a high priority. Reloading the FPGA isn’t very fast so A/Bing different releases won’t magically be a simple button press. On the other hand there should be a lot fewer (perhaps no) differences between identical functioning FPGA loads. Ideally any differences will be isolated by the optical link to the analog box. So simply separating the digital box away from the rest of your system should avoid trivial changes in software from changing the sound quality.


How far away would you suggest placing the digital box and how long is the digital-to-analog box cable provided with the unit?

I don’t have any solid data - I’m sure that many people will just stack them. Personally I’d keep the digital box away from the rest of the system in that it should be plugged into another outlet/circuit than the rest of your system and it might make sense to put it close to your digital sources, then you don’t need as long of interconnects to the digital box and the optical cable can be of any practical length and routed much easier than digital interconnects.

We haven’t decided on the length of optical cable we’ll ship with - probably a little longer than most people need since it can be cut to length by the customer (no polishing or connector needed.) I’m sure you’ll be able to get more for next to nothing from PS Audio, but you can also buy any 2.2mm POF cable from anywhere and cut the connectors off (if it has them).