First impressions of Stellar P3 Power Plant 3 vs. Shunyata MPC-12A distributor

I’ve been a long time user of various power conditioning products. My first conditioner was a PS Audio P300 which I had eventually had Cullen Circuits rebuild after an accidental short. This served me well for many years. I then used an Audience Ar-1p with a high quality DIY 4 outlet distributor for all front end components. Last year I changed my rack and equipment layout in my room so I needed more outlets. I added a Shunyata MPC-12a conditioner/distributor, Shunyata Black Mamba CX 20 amp power cable, and High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 power conditioner plug. The Shunyata/MC-0.5 combo was very effective and I was quite happy with the sound improvement.

(For reference, my system is: PS Audio BHK 250 stereo amp and BHK preamp, Tidal Piano Cera speakers, two REL SHO/3 subs and one JL Audio F112 sub (used for only below 30 hz reinforcement,) Luxman D-05 for digital, Acoustic Signature Final Tool turntable, Audiomods IV tonearm, Transfiguration Axia cartridge, and RCM Sensor Prelude phono stage.)

After watching Kevin Deal’s video extolling the price/performance ratio of the new Stellar P3, I was very curious to see if this was indeed the case. I purchased one and have been listening for a week or so and I must say I concur with Kevin’s enthusiasm for the product. (Obviously, the BHK250 isn’t running through a regenerated power outlet, only filtered.)

Comparison of the PS Audio P3 with PS Audio AC12 cable and with the similarly priced Shunyata MPC-12 and Black Mamba CX was quite interesting. The PS Audio P3 adds a quite substantial improvement in bass response and musical “heft.” I had to dial the subwoofer settings on my REL subs down a few notches in both volume and crossover frequency to restore proper integration. Enhanced leading edges of instrumental note “attack” and bloom is obviously apparent. Prior to the P3’s system insertion, it was easy to tilt the system balance towards excessive brightness with certain tubes or cables. The P3 has definitely reduced that issue because of the changes I hear. In comparison, the Shunyata is aurally lighter, airier, and more open in the way it affects my system. I have a second system with KEF r500 speakers, DeHavilland UltraVerve preamp, and Decware Zen Torii amp and the Shunyata enhances that system perfectly. In an oenological analogy, the P3 is a Chateau Margaux and the Shunyata is a Louis Roederer Brut Champagne. I could see how various systems would benefit to greater or lesser degrees from the respective strengths of each type of product.

PS Audio has created a very high value product with the P3 and undoubtedly has taken my system to a higher level of realism and accuracy.