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What a strange idea this is to me. I can’t imagine a musician being worried about wandering outside of some “name box”, especially for improvised music.
For example, is “All Blues” jazz? Or is it Blues? It is after all, just a beautifully embellished blues. I can’t imagine anyone criticizing it for deviating from a particular idiom.

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I frankly doubt there are more than a very few who played differently to avoid a particular label.

If people like your music they will buy it regardless of how marketing describes it.

Hasaan Ibn Ali “Reaching for the Stars: Trios/Duo/Solos”

Pretty amazing how this obscure pianist’s catalog has grown from 1 lp to 4 releases in the last few years. This one has “okay” sound and very interesting performances.

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In the mood




Either my system is sounding better, or this remastered 192/24 Qobuz is just sounding incredible.

I do not have BACCH, but I bet this album will sound spectacular in BACCH too.

Only a Single

Oh Chick (can I call you Chick?) I do miss you.

One of my all time favorites.


John Coltrane “Ballads” Verve Acoustic Sound Series Impulse LP

This sounds great. The Japanese SHM-SACD released this year seems to share this mastering.

Bought for “Free” and ten dollars shipping from The Sound of Vinyl.


Sonny Phillips “Sure 'Nuff & Black Magic” Beat Goes Public cd

Two Prestige albums on one cd and they sure get the morning going. I especially like the little bit of Sonny on Fender Rhodes here. And some ROCKIN’ guitar from Boogaloo Joe Jones and Melvin Sparks.

Art Pepper “The Complete Maiden Voyage Recordings” disc 3

Lots of clarinet–a good thing.


Gil Evans “Out of the Cool” Acoustic Sounds Verve Series Verve Impulse LP.

Got this for “free” and shipping. Sounds great.


Miles Davis “Water Babies” Sony Blu-Spec CD2 Japan 2023

Music that has been with me since 1976. I keep finding bits to discover and enjoy in these selections. One bonus cut on this disc, indicating it is a reissue of the US cd release mastering.

I love this Corky McCoy cover. When I was a kid in Philadelphia one of our neighborhood Dads would open up the fire hydrant every few weeks in the summer and we would frolic in the street until the City would come and turn it off. Sometimes I was the kid in clothes watching the fun unhappily as I was not allowed to participate. . . depended which parent was home. :wink:


Miles Davis “In Person. Friday & Saturday Nights At The Blackhawk. San Francisco” Sony Blu-spec CD2, disc 1