Firsts with cables

Good stories are worth repeating; and I think this one qualifies in light of our most recent posts on the oil of snakes and cables. The summer of 1977 found my partner Stan and I looking to increase our sales […]


'Tis time to tell a tale of cables.



Fun story.

It would be interesting to compare the two sets of cables now after we have all experienced various more sophisticated cables.


In the light of that story I think that everyone should try the Anti Cables (speaker and IC’s).

They blew the Audioquest cables I swore by out of the water.

Paul Speltz will even refund you if you bring them back within 30 days.

I’m pretty sure you won’t though…


They are a great buy.

Plus, he is a neighbor and one of many high-end audio manufacturers in my end of the world (Magnepan, Audio Research, Atma-sphere, Van Alstine, Wadia started here, etc.). Paul Speltz and Frank Van Alstine live perhaps two miles apart.

Boulder, Colorado presents a similar proliferation of excellent audio companies.

There must be something in the water.

As an additional aside, Paul Speltz is yet another electrical engineer who hears wire directionality while acknowledging this makes absolutely no sense with an AC signal. :slight_smile:


I use anti-cables for my side and center speakers.

Elk said: As an additional aside, Paul Speltz is yet another electrical engineer who hears wire directionality while acknowledging this makes absolutely no sense with an AC signal.

Double :)


This is the one area where I have never, but would like to, really splurge. Budget constraints hinder me from being able to try the really expensive (aka: “better”) wires. I have had the Anti Cables, Kimber 4t & 8t, Goertz, and the assorted “big-bang-for-the-buck” cables in and out of my system, but I would love to experiment with some really SOTA cables - especially speaker cables.

I’m currently using the AudioQuest Gibralter - which is significantly better sounding (in my system) than the Anti Cables, but I know they are mediocre compared to the many highly-regarded (and highly expensive) cable offerings from the world-renowned designers. I keep hoping that I wouldn’t hear enough of an improvement to warrant the investment… But, every now and again, I get the itch. Of course, my preference for actually sleeping in my home - as opposed to the proverbial “doghouse,” is an effective remedy for alleviated that itch…


It is about system synergy. You have to experiment with cables and equipment until you have the ‘sound’ you like that fits your budget. And again, that’s very personal.


I tried them a few years ago and while they didn’t work in my system, Paul is a great guy and provides excellent customer service.


@rmkarman - I agree - it helps to know what you are after. Audiophiles have a bit of tendency to think they are after ‘truth’ with their systems when it often involves something closer to fine tuning to get type of performance one wants. In this respect it is a bit more like picking the right wines for you cellar. There’s no absolute truth about that - beyond a few basic parameters about what is quality and what it is crap, it is down to personal preference. I won’t drink a straight malbec, some of you won’t bother with cool climate pinot, etc.


I agree with RM and David. When I moved to the PWD I was hearing so much more from my source that I needed to re-apply cabling and found that (as with power cables) I really enjoyed Ohno “perfect crystal copper” and the cryo treated VooDoo Cable “Evolution” interconnects I settled on are like Goldilock’s porridge for me: just right. But they may not be so for someone else. My speakers and amp really tell me “what I’ve got” and the VooDoo cables have the right seasoning for the flavors.