iPad IOS7 breaks eLyric App?


I just updated my iPad to IOS7 and the eLyric now doesn’t display properly (see attached image). With the iPad in landscape orientation, it’s like eLyric is in landscape but rotated 90 degrees and cropped. The picture attached shows this.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but that didn’t help. Next step is the painful process of getting IOS6 back on to my iPad…

Has anyone else had this problem? It may be something specific to my iPad but I thought it best to warn people. If it is an IOS7 compatibility issue, will there be an eLyric app update?


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Yep exactly. I posted about it in the JRiver thread. I use JRiver and JRemote (works beautiful) but still used eLyric to change filters, etc… Kind of sucks that eLyric doesn’t work in iOS7!


Does anyone know what happened to the eLyric/EMM topic category? I have been corresponding with @Gordon regarding the disappearance of a “How To” in which I took readers on a step-by-step approach for a PC Clean Uninstall/Clean Install of eLyric/EMM including which Registry files to delete.

I wish I had kept a copy.


I have contacted the developer, Howard of Plug Player, to see if there’s anything he can do to fix this.


The good news, for me, eLyric seems to work fine on the iPhone with iOS7!!! The problem is only with the iPad.


yep, iphone5 and ios7 - it works.

but as even with ios6 it does not use full display of ip5 which is a bit taller than ip4 - there is a black bar on top of elyric app window


Same results here, it works fine on the iphone with 7 but not with iPad. It would be great if we could get Valer_Valer to write an iApp for PWD control (changing inputs/volume/filters etc) just as he’s done for Windows…


Bob, great idea. The PWD controller for windows is nice. However, all that is really needed is the ability to control the SRC and filter from the PWD IP web page (mine is set to a static IP of This would be web based and platform independent. Volume can be controlled by your music server software.


The I pad glitch needs to be fixed. Can not access the player and server screen with the way it displays.


Yes, I agree that the iPad glitch needs to be fixed. Open a service a service ticket with APPLE and have them fix their F*** UP. Or maybe this a continuation of their cavalier attitude that their latest OS is correct and it is your responsibility (and cost) to fix, upgrade or replace any hardware or software that the new OS breaks.



I am impressed that Windows fans are not making snide comments, and there are no gratuitous “use Linux” directives. Very nice.

I hope there is either a work around or fix soon. These issues can be maddening.


I’ve been reading these posts about eLyric problems and am a little confused. My understanding is PS Audio is no longer supporting eLyric, hence the issues. I know the controller app has not been updated in over a year and a half (before iOS 6 was released!). Not sure about eLyric itself, I don’t see a date on the eLyric page, but that is why some time ago Paul shifted his support to JRiver over eLyric. Paul had made a gracious gesture to try and solve the iOS 7 issues for those still using it, but the fact is this is a dead end. Now if I got this wrong feel free to correct me but I stopped using eLyric as soon as I found out it wasn’t supported. I had too many issues that I knew wouldn’t get resolved. The complainers need to give it a rest.


I sincerely hope that this gets fixed. I, for one, actually like elyric and prefer it to JRiver, particularly on gapless albums. I guess I will use my JRemote for now, but That certainly doe not do lossless albums as well as elyric does. I really don’t understand the hate towards elyric. It has worked pretty flawlessly for me for over a year.


Yup stopped using eLyric other than to remotely select SRC and filter from my iPhone and/or iPad. Sorry, but seems like there should be a non-kludgy way of of doing that.


@pmotz: You’re right about the eLyric control point being no longer supported, although people who don’t hang out in this forum much may not know that. I also appreciate Paul’s effort to help those of us who still use eLyric, which includes me (although my old iPad won’t take iOS7, so it’s not an issue for me personally).

I still use eLyric for two reasons. I like the layout of information on the screen more than on most control points I have tried–it’s particularly good for classical music where one may have more information about a track to view than with pop music. Also, in my room I can’t use the IR remote control for my PWD because of the angle and distance from my chair, so having a convenient way to change options on the PWD is very useful for me.

Sometimes I see posts where people say they gave up on eLyric because of problems, but don’t say what the problems are. I suspect that some of these problems could be solved by improving the overall stability of one’s network etc. I’m not saying eLyric is perfect (it still occasionally quits unexpectedly in my system, but I just restart it). I am suggesting that if one likes the layout and convenience of eLyric, it’s still a viable choice until you find something better.


I feel badly about this because as it’s been pointed out in the posts, we haven’t invested any money in the product for well over a year now. The program was written by the author of Plug Player, Howard Abrahms. I am trying to get a hold of Howard to see if there isn’t something we can do. The problem is once you stop supporting something, OS changes will eventually kill the use of a product. If we can get Howard to fix it we will. If we can’t, we’ll pull the app off the market.


If it cannot readily be fixed, I suggest keeping it on the market but with a proviso that it is only for legacy OS. I imagine a number of people would still be interested.


I strongly agree with Elk. There are lots of folks with older iPads who, like me, still find the functionality useful. If it’s pulled from the App Store there would be no way to get it if, for instance, I had trouble with my iPad and needed to reinstall the app.


As I like the eLyric App most compared to other possibilities to control my Vortexbox/PWD-Bridge, I tried to get it started under iOS 7.

Open the App until you see a little part of the original screen. Start any song and touch the label, so you get the landscape screen wit the artist-information. Going back to the mainscreen, it will stay in landscape modus.

(for your information, I use my iPad in landscape modus)


Please invest in the update of this App. It is worth it!


I’ll be holding off on the new os upgrade until this gets resolved. JRiver is not the solution yet and there appears to be no Wavestream for the Mac coming anytime soon. That leaves eLyric and…well…eLyric as the best solution for the PWD for the unforeseen future.