iPad IOS7 problem fixed


I am happy to announce that we’ve managed to fix the iPad IOS7 issue you have been experiencing. I am hopeful the latest version can be uploaded tomorrow morning. I am not sure how long it takes for Apple to approve and then release the update, but it shouldn’t take too long.

Thanks for the patience.


Cool. I hope it doesn’t break iOS 5.2



Wow! Well done!




Yay! (Still not on the app store though :frowning: )


It is as of about 5 minutes ago. Please check and upgrade.


@admin I do not use eLyric but the update came through automatically last night.


Still problems with iPad app. The devices don’t always show up or when they do, they are dimmed out and not selectable. An intermittent problem as sometimes it works but most of the time not. My itouch with older operating system works flawlessly.

Still problems with iPad app. The devices don't always show up or when they do, they are dimmed out and not selectable. An intermittent problem as sometimes it works but most of the time not. My itouch with older operating system works flawlessly.

Same here. Also gets stuck and crashes every now and then. The reaction on the PWD is very slow from a command is given to the action is executed.


check my post in the other thread. i had the same isues but now works fine.


Rebooted everything and still does not work correctly. The old itouch works great… Explain that please, if the iPad app is fixed I would expect both would work.


New version NOT working on ipad. Iphone with OLD version of elyric is working.

New eLyric app on ipad can connect to elyric media server but NOT to PWD.

it does not see the PWD, while iphone with old elyric app works like before.

Nothing to do with a reboot and reinstall of elyric on pc or mac!! just doesn’t work.


same here - not working, and attempt to reinstall now my istore no longer recognises my ipad and wants to charge me again for the app


Same here It can’t find my PWD and if I sellect Twonky it crashes even to the Ipad.


Can’t find PWD- is usually network associated and good idea to dbl check that all ip addresses are as you expect them to be.

Can’t find Elyric- is usually related to Elyric not correctly communicating with your computer or PWD. Even if the puter shows it can see the Bridge.

This is why I often suggest rebooting everything and even setting everything to Dynamic ip addresses so that “everybody” shakes hands and cooperates.

I doubt that the istore download is the problem.


I just did a pretty thorough test on two of our iPads and they work differently than before, but they work perfectly as well.

So, if a device or server is gray’d out, as before, you swipe to the left to delete. Only, with the new OS you have to touch the actual title to swipe and delete. Experiment and you’ll get it to work.

We tested adding a few Bridges for devices. When the Bridge first shows up, unlike before, it is gray’d out and not selectable. Simply touch the “refresh” button and now the gray turns to ok to work.

Everything else works fine. Please try these suggestions. I think it’s just a bit different, not worse.


I do not have a refresh button on the renderer, only on the uPnP servers.

The uPNP servers are all recognized. It is only the renderers that are not discovered.

The iPad is allways present and I managed to see 1 or 2 other renderers as well for a short while.

If you delete a renderer that is greyed out, I guess the associated IP will be gone permanently?


There is no refresh button above the greyed out pwd.

I use an ipad with ios 7.0.3.

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It did find the PWD on one occasion but crashed on connecting. Now it can’t find it at all. The crashing when connecting to my QNAP with Twonky is still a problem.


Sorry to say, but this app just is not right. Renderers are not updated or if you do see one, it is grayed out and not selectable. Also no refresh for renderers. If it was a network problem, bla, bla, bla, then why does the old app on my itouch work? I’m wondering how an Oppo might do in place of this bridge. Very frustrating. Thank goodness I have vinyl, and a PWT.