Fixed cable from Amp, how to avoid noise?

I’m pretty new to audiophile land, but have been following Paul for a while now. (Youtube -> Building that audio room!)

It’s obvious that most components have removable power cords, so replacing those with a version that is less prone to noise, should improve the sound in the system.

Certain components have a fixed power cable though. So, other than opening up the device, and installing a high quality cable instead (Which comes with the issue that the cable grip on the chassis is not suited for those bigger cables), what ways are there to reduce noise from these fixed cables?

The only way I know of is by the use of clean and noise free power like through a Power Plant or a noise removal power conditioner. This should remove some of the noise the power cable would normally have to deal with. What it won’t help with is the noise generated by the equipment itself, a problem even bigger than noise on the power line and, for that, I know no cure.

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I had my dealer replace the 16 gauge stock power cord on my McIntosh C-33 preamp with a Transparent power cord with good effect.


Depending on the available space you can install an IEC Male connector in the chassis to replace the stock cord. Obviously this is non-reversible, but you will be able to use any aftermarket cord you want.

Thanks Mark. I had been thinking about doing the same, but other than not wanting to modify a good piece of equipment, I’ve found that when you try to put in a “better” cable, these cables are usually thicker and therefore won’t fit in the cable grip on the chassis…

Paul, thanks for chiming in!
I agree that something like PowerPlant would be awesome, and it’s on my shortlist.
The way I looked at what a powerplant should do, is it takes in the dirty power, cleans it up nicely, and then you’d use the super duper high quality cables to make sure you nice clean power doesn’t get messed up again…
So in my view, I’d have a regular power cable from the wall socket to the power plant, and then the quality cables going to my devices. Having read some more on here and other sources, it seems people seem to say the cables for cleaned power are less important, and the quality cables are better used to feed a power plant or so? I’m confused.
Not sure if you’ve ever done a video or wrote a blog about how it all fits together and what good cabling hygiene (could) looks like? And how people can build a system over time, by purchasing equipment that gives good benefits at a certain stage, and still serves a good purpose as the system grows. For example, would I invest in quality cables first, or in something like a powerplant first? Slightly off-topic from the fixed cable discussion, but perhaps I should upgrade my amp to a model with a plug instead :slight_smile:

In my experience, a PowerPlant makes a much larger improvement than even multiple good power cords.

It is a toss up as to whether to place a power cord before or after a PowerPlant. If you have only one, feed the PowerPlant as everything will benefit. If you have multiple, place one before the PowerPlant and experiment with the other equipment.

Cable dressing primarily involves keeping signal cables away from power cords and, if they must cross, to do so at a 90 degree angle.

I would agree with Elk. Get the basics like the Power Plant first. Cables matter but they can’t be as effective as possible unless they start with a good source like what comes out of the Power Plant regenerator.

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