PS Audio Jewel C-7 Power Cable

Curious if anyone has noticed an improvement with the PS Audio Jewel C-7 Power Cable? It seems to be perpetually on sale for $35 from MD. I realize it’s a very small purchase but curious nonetheless.

Specifically, i would use it on a Mac Mini (SSD) connected to a USB DAC.

That’s what I use on my Mac Mini and it seems to help.

Welcome, loop7!

I strongly doubt any aftermarket cable attached to a Mac Mini will make any difference in sound, but it does not hurt to try. MD will accept the return of the cable if you are not positively impressed.

Elk, your non audiophile roots are showing. Next you will be telling us that casting voodoo incantations upon the breaker box will have no effect on the sound of our stereo equipment. Heresy I say… Heresy. (or is that hearsay??) :slight_smile:


A decent shielded power cable might reduce the amount of noise getting into, and out of, the Mac. The latter might be more significant for sound quality if the Mac (or other computer) is in the rack with the audio equipment.

It’s possible, although given the incredible electrical noise generated by the typical computer it appears unlikely tidying up just the cord would make an appreciable difference. It’s like trying to make a Big Mac combo meal into a diet plate by removing a single french fry.

But it is an inexpensive tweak to try.

(snicker…) More pearls of Wit and Wisdom from Elk, and all true too. :slight_smile:

As he says, an inexpensive tweak to try, and if the Jewel does nothing for the Mac and music you can always try it on your television or whatever other entertainment appliance that uses the C-7 connector.


A lot of DVD players, satellite receivers, etc. use this connector. These strike me as better potential candidates.

I use several Audioquest NRG1.5 cables on various devices in my systems that use the C7 connectors… I noticed a definite improvement on my Samsung TV (ES8000) and I noticed a little improvement on my Sonos units…

Same here, AudioQuest NRG 1.5’s: big improvements on DVRs and also on a SACD transport I once had.

I use PW AC cables of various flavors on everything (actually I have every flavor AC-12/11/10/5/3 + xStream Prelude/Plus/Statement + Jewel C7). I don’t get bogged down in the dilema of using which on what, I just use them on everything and once done just cross it off the list of things that need doing and never give it another thought.

I use a Jewel C-7 with my Mac Mini and have noticed that the connection with the Mac seems somewhat loose. The cable doesn’t fit snugly into the Mac’s power cable slot; if there is the slightest bump of the Mac it might come loose. Has anyone else had that problem? And if so, is there an easy fix? Thanks.

I use the same on my Mac without a problem. Not sure why yours would be different. Can you make sure there’s nothing inside the IEC connector of the Mac? Make sure there’s no damage or excessive wear on the Jewel itself.