Follow-up on Stromtank

I heard last night that my friend’s “best system I ever heard” is again powered by his two P20s.
Sadly, one of his two new Stromtanks failed in an odoriferous manner. So both are being collected by whomever sold them to him. And so it goes in this hobby.

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Was he running the P20’s on the Stromtank units? Those are some stout batteries!

No. They moved the P20s aside while he tried the Stromtanks. The Stromtanks really did sound wonderful, for a while at least. (only one failed but this fellow has no patience for equipment failing, so off they go)

Were they the 2500 or 5000 model? Price? Inquiring minds want to know. :slight_smile:

German Qualität!?
Unbelievable :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

They were two of the mid-level models----I think.
I don’t know this fellow that well. I don’t ask him how much he spends, although I can guesstimate that his primary system cost more than my current primary residence.

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It sound like if this fellow has the freedom to spend this much on gear, and that he’s “willing” to step back to the P20s given this turn of events, the PowerPlants are maybe not as far behind, sonically, as these Stromtanks. :man_shrugging:

I know Danny Ritchie runs his system off batteries but I think it’s a home brew setup. Batteries with the “right” inverter is probably a good way to go for ultimate performance but it doesn’t seem ready for prime time just yet. At least for us mere mortals.

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I just read a Stereophile review of the Stromtank 1000.
Didn’t know the founder of MBL builds them.

What I found interesting is the following excerpt about impedance, as so far I thought, lowest impedance is always best. But probably all is a matter of manufacturers individual theories.

Generally I don’t think many need the complete independence of power shutdowns of the Stromtank.

Unfortunately (as mostly) any comparisons with other power regeneration products were missing once more also in this review. Otherwise it would be helpful, which seems to be avoided at all accounts in reviews.

“To get the best sound, we don’t want either the lowest or highest impedance possible; we want matching impedance, ie, impedance that kind of matches the amplifier’s power supply. This is why we have different products for different uses. When you have the right impedance match and you play strings, they sound nice and soft. It’s the same with other instruments. If the matching is good, the air around the instru- ments is good. If the sound sizzles a bit or goes wider or slower, it’s not a good impedance match.”

So you keep buying Stromtanks until you find a match? Or do they only impedance match their own amps.

No clue

The “specific impedance” instead of lowest impedance sounds goofy.

Yes it does. The power supply of an amp should only pull current it was designed for. Why would it make any difference choking available current with a higher impedance?