For all my fellow stressors


Nothing really new here but I find these tracks very effective


I have Weightless on one of my Sleep playlists, definitely has a calming effect. Will try the others. Thanks for posting

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Ah man. I was interested until being prompted to log into Fakebook or Boondoogle. My blood pressure immediately shot through the roof.


Medium doesn’t require any social media login. I made up a new identity for it.

I say no to all the ‘it’s free because you are the product’ constructs

Here’s an open link:

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I made it through around 45 seconds of Weightless and could not take any more. My stress level would be through the roof if I were unable to turn it off.

I find soundscape “music” astoundingly annoying, including Brian Eno’s Music for Airports.

I am continually fascinated that not only can others listen to such things, they report enjoying it. We must be wired differently in a most fundamental way.


My wife can’t stand it either. It feels good to me but I don’t listen for hours either.

Fortunately truly wireless in-ears are really good these days

If I need to calm down I just go find another room then where my wife is in.


I love music for airports! I have almost all of eno’s ambient output on vinyl, as well as his work with Fripp. So yes we are wired differently!

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