For guitarists.


A friend sent me this link and there are other covers on youtube as well.

How some can play like this and not even break a sweat always amazes me. Makes me wonder WHO inside is actually playing.


Awesome. If I could have3 played like that at that age.


There are many young artists that are simply amazing and thanks to social media we get to experience some of them…

The ones that do it with barely more effort than cracking a smile just blow me away, regardless of the instrument or genre.


I have frequently used this one:


What a joke.

you guys call yourselves “audiophiles”, while getting off on an experienced musician playing pentatonic scales ( that’s five out of twelve available notes).

Or maybe because it’s a chick.

Time to turn your fuses around, or lear music.


According to audiophiles, any music played by a girl sounds much better - if she sings and is blonde her recordings are obvious reference material. :)

One of many neat things about a pentatonic scale is there are no discordant notes. As these scales are simple, and you cannot make a bad sounding mistake, they are great for introducing children to music.

(Swing Low, Sweet Chariot is pentatonic. How Can I keep from Singing, and Camptown Races are other well known examples. Many, many folk songs are pentatonic. And House of the Rising Sun is an old folk sung.)

A neat trick is picking a tempo, have the child play any black keys on a piano and ad-libbing along with them. Exceedingly easy and it sounds impressive. (The black keys make up a pentatonic scale.)

Rock guitarists often heavily lean on a pentatoinc scales for the same reasons. It is incredibly simple to play a bunch of notes of a pentatoinc scale, none of which will be dissonant, add a little distortion and Voila! a solo which impresses the masses. But there is nothing wrong with this.