We also love to make music with guitars and whatever you play

Very old but still wonderful



One of my favorites:


Warmoth black limba chambered body
Warmoth wenge neck and fingerboard

  • Seymour Duncan HHH Humbucker Pickups ~ Single Coil Sized with Rails
    HHH Hot Rail Cool Rail Cool Rail all with dual blade pickups
    All three pickups are coil tapped.
  • Custom Designed Stratocaster Electronics * 3 Humbuckers (splitable)
    Master Volume * Volume for Neck & Middle Pickups * Volume for Bridge Pickup
    Master volume for all three pickups,
    Two (2) additional volume controls. One for both neck/middle pickups; one for the bridge pickup.
    Each knob is push/pull
    Vol 1 - add bridge to all positions on the 5-way
    Vol 2 - single coil neck/mid
    Vol 3 - single coil bridge
    Up/Down switch = “in-phase”/“out-of-phase” switch
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Wow. That’s gorgeous.

Sounds amazing, lots of sustain and tonal variety.

Another favorite:

Fender '59 Jazzmaster Thinskin Reissue


Last one I’ll post. . . One of two Troy Post built guitars I have . . . both homages to the Doug Irwin “Wolf” that Garcia used. Black walnut/poplar “hippie sandwich” body, same pickups that Jerry used, brass nut.


Never saw one. Gorgeous!

Yes, I fell so hard for it I ordered another, same “sandwich,” but neck through and set up with Black Diamond Jazz strings (heavy!) and high action and three different hum buckers that have a jazzy sound (L’il '59. '59 and Air Norton). I love the sound it gets.

Very nice but check this one out!
Was given to a friend by Jeff Beck, he played it on tour between 2008-2012

Cool. I’m not a bit Jeff Beck fan but that’s cool.

I can’t belive he just gave it to him it is priceless !
that’s the guitar he used when he played with the Rolling Stones on the 2010 tour.

Me playing the same guitar very badly🙄

Got tuh have a B3 in the mix.



I have people in my life that say the B3 reminds them of roller rink music. I always say, if I’m playing Jimmy Smith or Jack McDuff (born in one of the cities I attended college: Champaign, IL), what rink? I want to go! I can still roller skate!

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There are so many sound selections. And it depends on how one plays it. I never hear “roller rink” when I listen to who you mentioned or Joey Defrancesco or Dr Lonnie Smith or…


Sweet old 1964 Selmer


It’s about the music.


This was my first electric ‘shit’ guitar; a Teiso ‘Top Twenty’ from Woolworths. In fact it was anything but shit, since I bought it from an enthusiast who had extensively reworked the neck and it had the best action of any guitar I have ever played, bar none. I used it happily for nearly 20 years until it was stolen in the mid-80’s. The tremolo arm is missing from the picture.


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Talk about a “pos” guitar. This was made approx the same year as my Strat, 1961. It’s hilarious, “masonite” body with cheesy vinyl wrapped edges. The bridge is a piece of wood the a metal rod hammered into it. It rests on screws that were bored thru the bridge and the bridge is free to move (and scratch) along the top plate. It has two brads nailed into the top at the point where intonation was supposed to be “correct”. The pickup is truly just a coil/magnet pair stuck into two lipstick tubes that were purchased from a defunct cosmetics mfr.
It plays surprisingly well, sounds horrible but makes a great instrument for a blues tune or two.
I bought it around 1968 for $27. and three bottles of Schlitz.