Forum not viewable on Safari!

I just tried to sign in and read this forum on Safari (version 13xx) on my Mac and it says browser not supported. Anyone else ?- I’m writing this on my iPhone.

maybe update your version of safari.

Mine is 16.2 and works just fine on the site.

(although TBH i use chrome)

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I am using Safari on my iPad right now to view the forum. I have iOS 16.3; not sure exactly how that translates to the version of Safari. I have used Safari for several years and never had a problem on this forum.

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I’m using Safari 16.3 on a MacBook Pro. Works fine. It may be older versions are not supported at some point.

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Safari on my iPad with iOS 16.3 as well. No issues.

Same. No issues with 16.3.1 on my iPad.

No issues on my MacBook, iMac, iPad or iPhone…

What is Safari?

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A trip through Nature and watching its creatures.

Of course they don’t have access to the forum out there, there is no signal. That must be it :sunny::apple::wink:

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Next year:

How could you accept a MacMini in your life (BACCH?).

Also my Safari seems to work correctly, even if I don’t know what it is I’m able to use it! Just like any other digital thing in my old analog mind!

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