Menu doesn’t work

Anyone having the same issue? If I click on the menu icons SEARCH, LIST, USER PROFILE they don’t work. I’m not able to access to my profile, likes, comments, PMs

Since years it always worked flawlessly, until yesterday.

I’m using Safari on iPad (the OS generally preferred by experienced IT guys, like Vince!)

It’s very annoying and I apologize if I’m note answering to other members posts but I’m not able at the moment to see their comments or messages sent to me.

@Elk I’m afraid I need your help, again! TIA

Luca, I sent you an email asking your opinon on your streaming SQ quality. I guess it did not go through. I do not know if the issue was from my end or that your email does not respend to “strangers” :laughing:

Anyway, I was wondering if you think Innuos Statement is worth the asking price in comparing to Innuos Zenth MK3+PhxNET. Afterall the Statement is more than double the cost of the next in line.

Aslo, how does the SQ compare to PST?

You can answer me in the MK2 streamer thread, or send me an email. Thanks!!

Here an example of what I’m referring to: I’m missing every message the other members are sending!

Sorry all for not answering during last 2 days.

Please post on this thread your messages addressed to my account in order to notify them to me. Thanks.

Let me check, Donald, I’m going to answer on the thread you mentioned.

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I do prefer it when others use it.

Ah ah ah, I was supposing you would have said something pretty kind!

Missing LIKES and MESSAGES I’m really in trouble with forum usage at the moment. I’m not able to know if anyone is asking something directly to me or simply liking one of my previous posts. Like having conversation with a wall or attempting to tie a knot in front of a mirror in the dark!

Any suggestions other then getting rid of Apple stuff or crying loud asking for Elk’s help?

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Wait wait, all at once it’s working all again! Oh Vince, really thank you! Just sending you a post solved the issue.
It means your name is enough to make an OS software offended and have an immediate reaction!


This is my gift.

Celebrating the 1st April?

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