Fossil Fuels are a Myth

The idea of fossil fuels is a myth. The earth produces oil within itself.


Nova Season 16, Episode 9 The World Is Full of Oil - Examined the supposition that oil was and is created through processes other than from organic sources. Still a supposition.

Bruce in Philly

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So basically, unsubstantiated fringe hypotheses supported by only a handful of scientists.

Yes, but I am not waiting… I have a bore hole started behind my storage shed. Gonna strike it big.

Bruce in Philly


And people claim threads here wander.

What are they talking about?


Digging with a hand powered auger no doubt!

Wow, I didn’t know that. I have to read a HiFi Tread to find out. The scientists of this world are kidding us.

I also do not believe that PS Audio does research and development. Paul and Stan discovered a big hole in Bolder 40 years ago and quickly put a roof over it. And now they dig the devices out of that hole, which the earth produces within itself. The truth is much easier than most believe.

Sorry for OT. Cheers from an Enlightened One cheers

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Don’t be a sheeple my friend…:sheep:


PSI is a nutty grand conspiracy pseudoscience website.

I suggest we end this sidetrack now. If anyone wants to continue, please start a thread in the Everything Else sub-forum.

Edit: Sub-forum thread created.


This is great news, now that we know oil is not as much of a finite resource as previously thought, we can continue to foul the environment up, and postpone the use of cleaner energy sources.


I don;t know why conspiracy theories should be denigrated and dismissed. Didn’t you get your packet? Umm… no? When I graduated from business school, I received a packet from some Gnome in Zurich… oh oh… maybe I said too much.

Bruce in Philly


The scariest concept is a flat earth.

Not only can one mistakenly fall, I expect there is a bunch of cats there pushing things off of the edge - making your demise inevitable.


Conspiracy theories or a bunch of dookie?

Government sponsored bots to manipulate social media/politics… What…are you kidding me?

Project MKUltra…hmm!!!..mind control at its finest.

Ed Snowden…need I say more?

Big tobacco companies…don’t worry,smoking wont hurt you.

Just saying…

Let’s be kind, people.

Enter the Stellar Grease Carbide Drill. It will deliver 700 pure unadulterated sonic booms into any two orifices. Pure Science.