Found the 1.94 FIRMWARE...WHICH (MOST RECENT) UpDate

found the 1.94 FIRMWARE…

WHICH (more RECENT) UpDate(s)…allows for DVD/BLUE-RAY PLAYBACK (with the Musical note Icon in the upper right corner) AND has better Sonics than my current 1.94 firmware?

I think I had BR working OK with 3.06


do you remember if it had that symbol of a musical note on the right side of display? (some DVD/BLUERAY can be coaxed with that input - might not allow choosing PCM, but mostly trumps CD)

Yes, I think it did…

OK…i’m psyched…if only i could figure out how to only transfer the data files to the SD card, sans the folder…

i UpDated(?) the DS-DAC to the Snowmonster Senior…2 days and still analytical, but almost starting to sound musical…how’s it on your system?

I sold my DS Snr DAC before the first of the mountain series was released.

would i be intrusive if i asked about what you use for Transport & DAC…
or which speakers you favor at home?


I use a transport because it sounds better than other sources (I don’t have one at the moment, but I might buy one early next year).
I have owned many DAC’s over the years and I like each for various reasons. My current DAC is an Esoteric, which is better than anything I have owned previously. Ayon Sigma DAC is a close 2nd.
I have owned many good speakers over the years, but my last three pairs of speakers have all been Magico.