DMP Firmware 1.94


everything played…i.e. bluerays and dvds. with functioning display…

updated to the 3.10 and now basically only cds

?where can i get my original firmware version: 1.94?

to sum it up…new software is NOT DVD/BLUE RAY/Ron friendly…


@jamesh is the go-to guy for that.


thanks…but the provided contact is not understood by me…maybe a link?
or a complete address or …


No need to do anything more, he will reach out to you soon.



found the 1.94 firmware…

so, i posted another complimentary post…and would love to know about that question now…


My Memory Player came with firmware version 1.94 installed, should I update to the latest version of the firmware?


You will be stunned with the improvements in behavior if you move to the latest firmware revision.


if you, like me, Do want to hear concerts/etc on DVD’s & BD’s then you have to stop at FW–3.06…

that’s the last to include a “working” musical note thingy on the right of the display that will allow limited means of selecting playback formats in Dolby, DTS, etc…

function trumps upgrades here because more than 1/2 of my music collection are in those formats…i can live with the FW–3.06, after just moving up from FW – 1.94


Oops, too late, i pulled off the upgrade. Doubtless, i can go back - I see that others have. In any event, I only have a few Blu-ray audio disks and no DVD audio. This expensive upgrade (DAC and Player) is, so far, pretty well worth it. Fantastic playback. I’ve never heard Steinbacher like this. How do they do it (at PS Audio, I mean).


I’ve popped the Harnoncourt Mozart and Verdi Requiems in Pure Audio into the drive. The screen says that the player reads the disk as Blu-ray but it is outputting PCM. Is that your experience with the latest update? Does 3.06 output DSD from Blu-ray? The PCM sounds pretty fantastic - that’s for sure. Tuba mirum - OMG!


I’m not aware of any Blu-ray Audio that outputs DSD, all I have are PCM.


So, on my machine, the latest firmware version is reading the Blu-ray disk. Is that a revelation or am I stating the obvious?



BD = in order of quality: PCM. … …DTS… … … … … … … … …
… … … … .DOLBY.


Some are read and play, perhaps not the audio track you wish, some are read and don’t play, some aren’t read. That’s my experience.

I bought the DMP in part because of the promise of Blu-ray playback which was problematic from the start. I’ve kept it because of the stellar Redbook and SACD playback. I have far far more of those discs than Blu-ray with audio content to hear.


Playing Blu-ray version of Derek and the Dominos, Layla - wife dancing. Please don’t skip a track!


I’m curious. You’ve just received a new DMP and it shipped with v1.94?


It must have been new old stock if that was the case.


I’d be flabberghasted if a dealer delivered a product to a customer that had 2 year out of date software on it. If so, utter laziness.


compared to the long continuing false advertising about being a Universal player…then BD, DVD, CD & SACD player…till just recently still falsely advertised as also a DVD player…

the shipping with Outdated v1.94 is nothing in comparison…

not to mention PSA devaluing the DAC & Transport for current owners with their selling @ 1/3% off new…
leads me to conclude that PSA doesn’t respect their customers and anything goes once they have your money…

that why i have starting “junking” this brand, leading to Honest manufacturers that protect their customer’s investments…MSB must be happy that PSA is driving existing customers away, like myself…looking for integrity and perfectly functioning equipment out of the box(es)…
i now have replaced 1 of my 2 PSA DAC/Transport pairs with the MSB Reference DAC & Reference Transport…i will be replacing my second pair in the next month.

PSA will never be ready for prime time…with their negative mindset towards (once loyal) customers…

i have lost respect and confidence…I’m running, not walking, towards the nearest exit…


I’m guessing the software was current when it shipped from the factory. If it sat in a dealer warehouse for 2 years the dealer should have updated the software before delivery to the customer. The dealer obviously doesn’t give a toss delivering a known highly problematic product when 10 minutes of their time was all that was required to deliver a less problematic product.

Delivering an out-of-date product is symptomatic of the greater problem.

Yeah, when they did the Snowmass promotion and cut $2K from the price was the final straw for me causing me to bail out of the prevailing DMP calamity. I’m very unlikely to buy another PS product in the future, because history keeps repeating itself.

I’m sure you’ll be much happier with the MSB stuff, if robust functionality and performance is important to you. Whilst expensive, at least it works properly. Many of the people who post on these pages are prepared to forgive the PS quirks because the gear sounds OK, and it’s cheaper compared to other products of similar sonic pedigree.