FR10 pictures

Just returned from our photo shoot of the FR10s. Terri fell in love with them and we’re now moving out the LS50s (finally!) and she’s got a pair of the black FR30 heading our way. The website should be up next week. Meanwhile, enjoy!


That size format should sell like popcorn. Congrats!


I agree! Time to open up that high volume assembly line, Paul!


Very nice!

Damn! I can’t afford new speakers, but I can’t afford not to have new speakers. Thanks a lot PS Audio I love/hate you.


Very nice footprint and my guess is a great relative value.

@Paul, Perhaps you made a Freudian slip…did you mean FR10 was headed your way? It would seem that the FR30 would be much too large to be a replacement for the LS50.

This is a much more realistic price and form factor. Hope they sound good.

I’m patiently (sort of) waiting to test a black pair. :crossed_fingers: Christmas comes early!



Thanks, Elk! It was a fun day of shooting and I am so impressed with the way these speakers fit into any décor. And wait until folks hear them. To think a small box like this can rock it down to 30Hz!


They sound amazing and dip deep down in the bass to 30Hz. Really surprising speaker.


Oh man, these look right up my alley. Pricewise, I’m prolly closer to FR-5’s…but these may be worth the financial stretch.


It’s a shame this version of loudspeakers never made it to production. They are a much more elegant, pleasing looking loudspeaker than the FR series. It even made it on your main page!

The FR series to me is too plain and utilitarian. More like an appliance than a fine piece of furniture.

And this is coming from a guy with a pair of black monoliths standing in his listening room.

Sorry Paul/guys. Just one dude’s opinion.

I definitely see your point. If everyone felt the same only Sonus faber speakers would exist in the marketplace.

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I see Chops’ point too. I have Sonus Fabers now (orig Olympica 2) which I’ve always thought looked beautiful and sound quite good too. Interestingly, I also find myself drawn to the industrial/modern look and proportion/size of the FR10s. By contrast, I’m not as captured by the FR30 or FR20 look because they are too large for my room and for my personal taste. However, when I heard the FR20/30s at the PSA HQ I was blown away (I love those ribbons!) and when I learned of the FR10 I was “in”. Interestingly, my wife - who actually helped me listen to various speakers and select the SFs - really likes the look of the FR10s too (she hasn’t heard them yet). Something about its aesthetic works for both of us… and the smooooooth sound of those mid and treble drivers… and the promise of slightly more bass extension…

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I can only guess that this model and FR5 will be the driving force of PSAUDIO sales. I hope you have adequate production capacity :sunglasses:

I would prefer beige grills on the white FRs. They would suite more to brighter furniture

I like my bowling pin ice cream cones.

this pic shows em pretty close to the front wall… these would actually work pretty well in my living room, as long as they don’t need to stick out from the wall too much

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It also show a 100% wireless speakers and no amp to drive them :). Next gen tech!

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