FR5 video unveiling at Axpona

No question that when we went to Axpona, we were wondering if the new FR5 stand mount 2-way would have enough oomph to fill that massive room we were in. We knew the might FR10s would rock it, but the little guys?

We were smiling the moment we hooked them up. Killer little speakers—like nothing I have ever heard before.

Check this great video coverage out.


Bravo PS Audio. Another slam dunk for Chris and the team.


Great review Paul! Congrats to the whole team!

Happy Cake Day!

I think the FR-5 is going to be the best value for money piece in the whole lineup and should sell really well.

Thanks Baldy, although my original Cake Day is lost to history as I joined in 1999 and those posts were lost in one of several updates to the forum software. Oh well. Today’s as good as any day.

I agree the FR-5 is going to sell like crazy. I hope PSA (and its contractors) can keep up with the demand.

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Happy cake day Steve! :cake:

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