Franks music room, South Australia

Hi All,

Here is my music cave (or my man cave so says my delightful wife Sally). We purchased a two story house so sally wouldn’t on a daily basis have to look at the ugly grey “toombstones” (so she calls them, I think they have a certain presence) and all the paraphernalia that goes along with my musical hobby. I hope you enjoy looking as much as I do listening. It is a journey.


Are the ugly grey tombstones the speakers or diffusors? I’m not sure what her problem is with this room, looks OK to me. But you could do with some diffusion on that ceiling.

There is diffusion at the 1st reflection point but not in picture. I should get off my backside and properly measure the room one day. did it a while back and it wasn’t bad.

Sally thinks the Quads are too overpowering in a living space, and the large grey traps didn’t help in the last house.

Fantastic. What turntable is that? (I recognize the arm of course but not the table itself.)

EDIT: woops, i see it in your signature :slight_smile:

Very nice! I wish I had that kind of space. Thanks for sharing.

I have 10 bass traps in my “man cave” and my wife calls the place my “padded cell”.

Tidied things up a bit.


Well done Frank! Your system and room look great!!! Guessing they sound great as well. Question, how long are the interconnects between your BHK Preamp and 300 Power Amps?

27 feet of Belden Iconoclast



Wow. What a beaut!


Nice! More love from Denmark

I gotta say, I’ve got one word for that room.


(just in case… that’s a compliment up here in the northern hemisphere)

Thank you everyone for the nice replies. I think it sounds nice, actually better than nice. If anyone here ever makes it to South Australia - you know our reds and whites are some of the best in the world, I’ll take you to some vineyards and we have a spare room.

Very nice, congrats!