Fuse upgrade for M700s, SGCD, P3?

When you have it, can you do an A/B test if the fuse really make thing better ?
I have re-sorted the list of upgrading, the fuse now is on the last item to change.

Second upgrade after the AQ water XLR is the otofun 2M black catridge , upgrade from blue one,
2-3 Purple fuses costs same as the new 2M black catridge

Are you going straight 2M Black, or the LVB model?

2M black , get it from amazon

Great service from VH Audio - I received the Purple fuse for my P3 today {ordered Friday received Monday).

Immediately I am hearing a wider sound stage, but the depth is not as good as when I had my Stellar Strata plugged directly into the wall with a GR Research B16 power cable. Hopefully with burn-in the depth will get better and I’ll have all the benefits the P3 brought to my Strata without losing some depth.

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I’m longing to hear the improvement after a week , i will order one purple fuse for the P3, with 200 bucks it worth to try.
by the way, the dealer confirm my Magnapan 0.7 will ship in next 3 weeks, i hope the new magnapan will be a game changer that bring up the sound i’m looking for( not with my current MA gold 200)

I’m using a number of the Purple fuses and find that they change (for the better mostly) up to 300 plus hours of use, and are quite audibly directional. So keep putting hours on them and grin and bear it through a few rough patches and you’ll have some great sound. Then at some point reverse the direction and see which resulting presentation you prefer.

Very good move.
Fuses can blow for various reasons. And if they do, you’re out whatever you paid for it.
The cable will last forever.


VH Audio just sent me an email saying they are having a sale for the month of April on the Purple fuses - buy 2 get 1 free.

The purple fuse in my P3 has been burning in for almost 200 hours and differences are perceptible, both good and bad. Burn in periods can be annoying especially when it can take 300+ hours. This afternoon my system (P3, Strata, Ohm Walsh T2000 spkrs) sounded the best it ever sounded, then this evening there is some mid/high fuzziness - hopefully it will sound like it did this afternoon all the time after it’s done burning in.

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well, we spent bunch of money on the fuses, but they are not stable ??? sometime they good, sometime they are unpredictable , i ve heard that for the accoustic , the fuse makes the high a bit fading , less details, somne reported that.

I’m happy that i turned that money into the Audioquest Water XLRs uograde , at least we dont lose all moeny we put if in a beautiful day, the fuses blows away, then pheww, money gone
But at least the cable still there for years

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I have to admit I’ve never heard of such a tweak but I am intrigued, upgraded a fuse is something I never thought of and honestly have never blown one either so that’s that when considering paying up for one that may sound better

Purple fuse fan now I am, it was worth the 200 bucks.

Early in the burn-in process the sound stage holographic effect was very evident but at about 200 hours the sibilance on some tracks (ie WAR’s Peace Sign album) was too much and had me thinking for certain music I may want to change back to the stock fuse. After more than 300 hours the sibilance cleaned up and now I’m hearing details I never heard before with the best sound stage my system has ever had.

then after 300 hours it die, could it ?

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Not sure what your question is leean.

After 300 hours it’s working better, the hiss and mid/high fuzziness I was hearing at 200 hours turned into more clarity and better imaging detail. The sound quality is much more consistent after 300 hours than it was after 200 hours.

I meant the longivity of the fuse, should it last for long ?

I’m not an expert on fuses but I would think a Purple fuse should last as long as the stock fuse.


If you don’t like the SR fuses they are returnable for I think up to 30 days, assuming you don’t blow one! That’s a pretty good low-risk deal. I’ve never had a fuse–OE or aftermarket–blow for no reason in 30+ years.



Hey leean…fuses will last as long until the circuit they are
protecting current draw exceeds the fuse value and then they
will pop …and that’s to be expected…

In the many years (56 years) of my audio journey only twice
has a fused popped…In both cases it was due to having my
Emotiva XSP Gen 2 preamp on when firing up my former
Parsaound A21…that booger had some big current inrush…

The funny thing is that my former P5 and former P12 with
SR UEF fuses Orange and Parasound A21 Orange fuse never
ever popped…Emo has had issues with it’s diode bridge…
XSP 1 Gen now sidelined though it works.

Upgraded P12 to P15 and A21 to Parasound JC5…Orange fuse
in service until recent to Purple upgrade…The JC5 is much bigger
brute than the A21 and so far 2 years down the road no fuses
popped on either…

My current preamp a Wyred4Sound STP SE Stage 2 also has
an Orange fuse to be upgraded to purple in due time…never
any problems there with fuse popping.

The upgrade in sound quality over stock fuse is no small thing.
Upgrading from Orange to Purple was a very worthwhile
improvement in sound quality.

Break in time for the Orange was quite lengthy and often times
sounded awful while in the burn in process…
The Purple fuse did not take anywhere near as long to burn in.

Hope my experience will help those who are thinking about
SR fiuses…Just be sure to get the slow blow or “T” (time)
rated fuses and the proper amp rating for your gear.

If you make the mistake and get a fast blow fuse…it will more
than likely not survive an amp’s power up current rush…
just be careful in what you order.

Best wishes everyone!!